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12 Savvy Facts about Share Trading

Buy buy buy, sell sell sell – the stock exchange can get pretty confusing if you’re not a Wall Street or DOW JONES regular! However, stocks and shares have made fortunes for shrewd investors and business people worldwide. It’s now easier than ever to trade and invest, too, as more and more apps and programs emerge, allowing everyday people to get involved.

However, stocks and shares come with incredible risks attached – meaning that you should always be careful when trading any money in the exchange. Before you start putting any money into the markets, here are a few fun facts about share trading to consider.

1. Be careful with social responsibility.

Not all stocks and shares are socially responsible –believe it or not, there is a trading scene that allows you to invest in Somalian pirates who intend to carry out mass hijacks. Probably a good idea to leave those well alone, we would have thought!

2. Don’t always be so quick to sell!

Spare a thought for Ronald Wayne, who was one of the principal founders of Apple – long before the age of iPods and iPhones, Wayne got out of the game, selling his share – worth 10% – in 1976. Now, he’d be worth $35 billion. How much did he sell his stake for?

$800. Hindsight is a beautiful thing…

3. 10% of American homes are taking part.

Believe it or not, around one in ten US homes are trading in international equity. This means that more and more of us are actively investing in the markets – and this is partly thanks to the recession kicking into action in 2008.

Somalian pirates

Somalian pirates

4. Tech is a big deal.

Which industry rules the roost on the US stock market? As you might imagine, it’s technology. As of 2019, it was clear that this sector holds a staggering 19% share of the markets. Communications aren’t far behind at 14% – meaning that smartphones and the internet are leading the way in this regard.

5. You can even trade-in pizza!

Domino’s Pizza, believe it or not, has a strong presence on the stock market. In fact, until around 2009, their value was starting to stagnate. However, they could turn things around to 233% growth in twelve months of hitting a record low. How? They changed the way they make their pizzas!

6. Sega’s still running, thanks to the markets.

Sega is fondly remembered as one of the big players in the video gaming boom of the 90s. However, they are still running to this day, and that’s primarily thanks to the late company president Isao Okawa, who – just before he died – invested almost $700 million of his own money making sure the company wouldn’t go bust.

7. Stocks as a Christmas bonus?

Instead of giving his housekeeper money as a Christmas bonus, animation legend Walt Disney would offer her stocks – and this ended up leading her to become a millionaire in her own right.

8. Heading to the NYSE? Best of luck…

It costs an awful lot of money to have any seat on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE. Founded in 1792, the most money any company has ever paid for an NYE seat was short of $2.7 million.

9. Selling himself short!

50 Cent, despite his name, made a pretty penny – nearly $9 million – after encouraging his social media followers to invest in a stock that was failing fast.


50 cent coin

10. Microsoft saved Apple?

Apple has Microsoft to thank for its enormous success on the stock market and in terms of general wealth. In 1997, Gates’ firm purchased millions of shares to compete.

11. What’s all this about trading and September?

There is something in trading and stocks known as the September Effect. Bizarrely, it seems that there are declines in the markets each September, and these have been happening internationally since 1950. While the September Effect is less prevalent nowadays than in previous decades, it is still a fascinating phenomenon!

12. WWI changed women’s place in trading.

It was only due to a shortage of male employees due to conscription during World War II that women started emerging as key players on the NYSE. This occurred around 1943.

However, women found themselves banned from the exchange from 1947 until 1965, when Muriel Siebert bought her way into the business, changing the way women were perceived through the NYSE forever. Siebert had her own named room at the exchange!

apple microsoft pin

FAQs about Share Trading

How do beginners get into share trading?

In the modern age, it’s as easy as loading up a trading app or hunting down an online stockbroker!

How do I grow my money through share trading?

It’s a long story - it’s all about making sure you set goals and sticking to a firm budget.

What’s the safest investment with large returns?

Real estate, gold deposits and treasury bonds are all trendy for this very purpose.

Do you know any fun facts about share trading? Share them in the comments below!

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