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worlds biggest fraud cases
20 Jun

9 Surprising Facts about the World’s Biggest Fraud Cases

Fraud is no laughing matter! Unfortunately, many of us lose out thanks to fraudsters here and there – but there have been some seriously large-scale crimes that are likely to make your jaw drop. Here are a few fiendish and fun facts about the biggest fraud cases of all time! 1. It all leads back …
How to Get Out of Student Loan Debt
6 May

6 Tips for Getting Out of Student Loan Debt

Сollege gives people a good set of knowledge and skills to prosper in the modern world. But it also gets them into debt. According to the latest data, 7 out of 10 graduates have an average debt of about $30,000. It would be fairly easy to pay if not for the high-interest rates. Necessity drives …
Tax facts
5 Oct

12 Giveaway Facts about Taxation

Taxes – we all have to pay them, and unfortunately, they really do make the world go round. You will pay tax on just about everything – even if you don’t realize it. People in the UK will pay VAT automatically on goods bought in shops, for example – but in the US, this is …
facts about the royal mint
15 Jul

12 Merry Facts about the Royal Mint

Ever wondered where money comes from? Across the UK and various territories worldwide, the Royal Mint is responsible for producing currency used in everyday spending. They’re also relied on to support bullion and investment products, too! But how much do you really know about this literal money-making machine? Here are some fun facts about the …
facts about economics
17 Jun

9 Extraordinary Facts about Economics

Economics is an essential part of all of our lives. The world pretty much runs on it! Money is extraordinarily complex the world over, no matter what it’s used for. Therefore, it makes sense to look at the brighter side of money-crunching. Here are some fun facts about economics that might just surprise you. 1. …
trade movements
1 Feb

12 Savvy Facts About Share Trading

Buy buy buy, sell sell sell – the stock exchange can get pretty confusing if you’re not a Wall Street or DOW JONES regular! However, stocks and shares have made fortunes for shrewd investors and business people worldwide. It’s now easier than ever to trade and invest, too, as more and more apps and programs …
the new home
5 Jan

9 Interesting Facts About Mortgages

Ok – mortgages might not be amongst some of the most fascinating topics out there, but they are an essential part of millions of daily lives. In fact, signing up for a mortgage is likely to be one of the biggest and most important parts of your modern life. Not everyone takes on a mortgage, …
facts about Bitcoin
19 Sep

20 Breathtaking Facts About Bitcoin

Bitcoin – you’ve heard about it, but what on Earth is it? It’s a disruptive currency that’s changing the way we trade online. Could cryptocurrency h the future of all transactions, period? Listed below are some of the most interesting facts about Bitcoin that you should familiarise yourself with: 1. What exactly IS Bitcoin? Bitcoin …
Facts about Insurance 2
16 Jul

32 Insane Facts About Insurance

Ok – so, bring up the word ‘insurance’ to anyone but a broker or agent, and you might get a yawn or two. Sure, it’s not the most exciting subject on the planet, but it’s necessary in many walks of life! Insurance policies help to protect us when we find that we need to add …
interesting facts about money
14 Apr

23 Massive Facts About Money

People are obsessed with money, and for good reason. It runs the world. But you don’t need to know that much about money to use it. And yet, the more you know, the more fascinating money becomes. Consider these 23 fun facts about money: 1. Bills and coins are younger than you think! The bills …
facts about the 1929 stock market crash
13 Apr

15 Facts To Learn From The 1929 Stock Market Crash

The 1929 Stock Market Crash has shaped generations, but with it fading fast from memory, how much do you really know about it? Take a look at these interesting facts about the 1929 Stock Market Crash to help you steer clear of any future loss… The 4-day collapse began on October 24th 1929 and would …