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9 Long-Armed Facts about the Law

We all have to abide by the respective laws of our countries, states, and towns. The laws are what keep our societies moving forward peacefully. But there’s no denying that some laws simply don’t make sense and are even a little weird! So, naturally, we thought you should know about some of the wildest and weirdest laws in the world! Here are some fun facts about the law that might just surprise you…!

1. What is the age of criminal responsibility?

The age of criminal responsibility changes from country to country and sometimes region to region! For example, the age for criminal responsibility in England and Wales is just ten years old! And, in the US, it does vary from state to state!

2. Stephen King and the van that nearly ended it all!

The law’s a weird thing when it comes to securing ownership. Back in June 1999, world-famous author Stephen King was nearly killed by a van. To prevent anyone from making a profit off of the van, King’s lawyers ended up buying it!

3. Algeria’s leading the way for women in the law.

We can all agree there should be more women in positions of power! Well, in Algeria, they’re definitely standing strong in terms of the law. Around 70% of Algeria’s lawyers are women, and 60% of the country’s judges are women, too!

facts about the law

4. Spit that out!

Believe it or not, chewing gum is actually illegal in Singapore! The law was implemented to prevent chewing-gum-related issues in public places from happening in the future and to reduce littering, which was successful on a huge scale. So, if you’re ever in Singapore and someone offers you some chewing gum, just know that it is contraband!

5. No selfies in Sri Lanka!

To be fair, selfies are allowed, just not with any statue of Buddha! Turning your back on Buddha is seen as a major sign of disrespect. At best, you won’t have to delete the photos immediately, but police officers may have to intervene!

6. Don’t ever forget her birthday!

We have all heard jokes about men forgetting their wives’ birthdays, but did you know that in Oceania Samoa, it is considered a criminal offense to do so? Women can actually file complaints with the police about their husbands for forgetting their birthdays, for which the guys can then get arrested for!

7. No feeding the pigeons!

Pigeons are common tourist attractions in Venice! They are known for being particularly friendly, making us all want to give them a little treat! However, it is illegal to feed the pigeons in Venice, and you do face a hefty fine if you do so. Keep the crumbs to yourself, then!

8. Put a shirt on!

While things can get a little hot and humid out east sometimes, in Thailand, you must always drive with a shirt on! If you are seen driving without something to cover your torso, you will face a fine!

9. No Napoleons here!

Napoleon is a strong name that evokes all kinds of historical connotations. But, in France, you cannot give it to just anybody! It is specifically illegal to name a pig Napoleon nationwide – no fans of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” out here, then!

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FAQs about the Law

What was the first law ever written?

The oldest written laws that we know of are the Code of Hammurabi. Hammurabi was the king of Babylon between 1792 BC and 1758 BC.

What was the first law in the United States of America?

The Oath Act was passed by the US Senate on May 5th 1789. The oath was for members of the Senate and civil servants and stated that those swearing upon it solely swore to support the Constitution of the United States. Seems like a pretty smart first law!

What is the strangest law in the US?

The US is pretty well known for having some strange laws! However, among the strangest are the laws in Alabama forbidding people from driving blindfolded and not being allowed to drive a black car on a Sunday in Denver, Colorado. You have to wonder how many people break that law every weekend!

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