National Film Score Day - 3rd April

🗓️ On This Day - April 3rd

We’re getting into the “spring” of things now, as April 3rd brings with it a host of historical landmarks, sweet treats, and reasons to celebrate. Let’s take you through why April 3rd is such a notable date, even if you may not believe it!

On this day

Jesse James

Jesse James died.

On this day in 1882, famous American outlaw Jesse James finally met his brutal end. He was shot by a fellow gang member named Robert Ford. He died in his home in St. Joseph, Missouri, from the wound.

President Harry Truman

President Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan.

April 3rd 1948 was the date that then-US President Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan. It was a project to aid 16 European countries to help restore their economic infrastructure following World War II.

TV Guide magazine

TV Guide published its first issue.

Let’s face it; we’ve all seen and even perused a TV Guide magazine at one point or another! Well, the famous American magazine published its first issue on this very date back in 1953!

The Planet of the Apes

The Planet of the Apes took over!

On April 3rd 1968, cinematic history was made! The cult classic “Planet of the Apes” had its national premiere in the United States. It went on to be remade multiple times for cinema, and you may well have seen a few of its iterations!

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey beats Elvis’ record.

In 2008, Mariah Carey made musical history by overtaking Elvis Presley’s record for having 17 number-one hits! “Touch My Body,” her 18th smash, took her past the King of Rock and Roll.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith made his first appearance as Doctor Who.

For any Doctor Who fans out there, April 3rd, 2010, was a huge date for the franchise! It was the first time that Matt Smith made an appearance as the Doctor himself, in the 11th iteration of the character. He first appeared in "The Eleventh Hour," taking over from David Tennant. Tennant, of course, has since returned as the 14th Doctor - it makes sense in context!

Special Days Falling on April 3rd

While it may just seem like any other April 3rd, it’s worth noting that there is a lot to celebrate today! Here are just some of the best national and international holidays to observe on April 3rd.
National Film Score Day - 3rd April

National Film Score Day

We can all agree that films are nothing without music. We need soundtracks to guide us through stories - and there’s nothing quite like hearing them through quality booming speakers in a theater! So, to celebrate National Film Score Day, pick your favorite film scores of all time, and either listen to them with your favorite movies or grab your headphones and tune in.

World Party Day

What’s life without a few parties? We all have something to celebrate, and today is the perfect day to do so! This celebration really is quite simple - find something for you and your loved ones to cheer about, and create some wonderful memories.

National Chocolate Mousse Day

National Chocolate Mousse Day

And, if you don't know what to serve at your party, why not some chocolate mousse? The light, fluffy, sweet dessert is a special treat for anyone - you'll likely even find plenty of dairy and gluten-free options if you want to take part but normally can't!

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