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🗓️ On This Day - August 10th

It’s official - we’ve hit the double digits in August. That means summer is going by fast, and we need to make every day count! August 10th, as always, is yet another day where there’s lots to take into account – important ceasefires, forest fires, and independence days abound. Let’s take a close look at why August 10th is worth marking in its own right.

On this day

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The US gained an important figure.

In 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was sworn in as a US Supreme Court Justice. She remained one of the most influential women in the US until her death in 2020. Her passing, however, meant that then-US President Donald Trump was able to nominate a replacement – which was one of the more controversial moments of his Presidency.

Hong Kong

The last of the British left Hong Kong.

In 1994, the last British troops finally left Hong Kong! They had been there since 1841, and it wasn’t until 1997 that the British would hand over rule of the country to China. This 156-year-control was actually agreed upon in a document that was decades old!


Paluweh erupted. 

In Indonesia, the Paluweh volcano erupted in 2013. Six people died during the natural disaster, but many people local to the area refused to leave despite mandatory evacuation rules coming into play.

Israel and Palestine paused their conflict.

Israel and Palestine paused their conflict.

In 2014, Israeli and Palestinian officials agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire (which wasn't the first). Egypt, acting as a mediator, suggested the ceasefire. However, the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to this day, having waged on since 1948, with at least 21,500 casualties.

interesting facts about hurricanes

A typhoon hit China. 

In 2019, typhoon Lekima hit the Zhejiang province in China. At least 32 people died, and one million people were evacuated. 

Special Days Falling on August 10th      

Around the world, August 10th has great significance to many people. Here are some of the most important holidays to celebrate today! 
Flag of Ecuador

Ecuador Independence Day 

Every year on August 10th, Ecuador celebrates its independence! It’s Día del Primer Grito de Independencia de Quito. Ecuador was the first of the Latin American countries to gain its independence, which inspired the others around them. On this very date back in 1809, the Ecuadorians of Quito rebelled and declared their independence from Spain, and in so doing, changed their country forever. 


International Biodiesel Day  

Every year, International Biodiesel Day commemorates the day that Rudolf Diesel discovered the diesel engine in 1890, using both petroleum fuel and vegetable oil! This created the possibility for organic oils and a potentially more environmentally-friendly future – a green concept that’s absolutely worth celebrating. Of course, electric vehicles, or EVs, have since come along! 

lion facts

World Lion Day

August 10th is also a day to take the time to appreciate one of the world’s most stunning creatures, the mighty lion. As wonderful as these animals are, however, they are still endangered due to poaching and hunting. So, today we shine a light on that and on the fact that the king of the jungle should be protected, respected, and supported, not hunted. Rather fitting, too, given that Leo is one of the two star signs honored in August.

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This month in history

Elvis Presley passed away. The King of Rock n’ Roll died suddenly in August 1977, having suffered a heart attack. He remains one of the most famous and influential musicians of all time, and news of his passing is still so shocking, some believe it to have been an elaborate hoax.

Famous Birthdays on August 10th  

Henri Nestlé, German-Swiss industrialist, born 1814

Herbert Hoover, American politician and President of the USA, born 1874

Antonio Banderas, Spanish actor, born 1960

Justin Theroux, American actor, born 1971

Kylie Jenner, American TV and social media personality, born 1997

Fun Facts about the Leo Star Sign

If you were born on August 10th…

…you’re a Leo! And, just like the mighty lion itself, you are incredibly strong! Nothing means more to you than those you love, and you would do anything for them. Learn more about what makes you special from our Leo facts page!

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