On This Day - August 22nd

If it’s your birthday today, or you’re marking a special anniversary, congratulations! August 22nd happens to be a pretty important day around the world for a variety of reasons, and in this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know. Stay tuned for some historical moments, famous birthdays, and international celebrations.

On this day

Richard III

King Richard III fell.

In 1485, during the Battle of Bosworth Field, King Richard II was killed by Henry Tudor’s forces during the final battle of the War of the Roses. He was the last English monarch to die in battle.

Facts of New Delhi

Chennai took shape.

In 1639, Madras, which is now known as Chennai, in India, was founded by what was then the British East India Company. It was founded on land previously belonging to Nayak rulers in the local vicinity.

flag of Australia

It’s New South Wales’ birthday, too!

In 1770, New South Wales in Australia was founded. It was claimed by British explorer James Cook for the British Crown. Since that time, the Australian state has grown to house a population of more than eight million people, with 128 different government areas.


Gandhi took a stand.

In 1894, the Natal Indian Congress (NIC), was formed by Mahatma Gandhi. He formed it to fight discrimination against Indian traders, notably in Natal. Gandhi famously protested against various issues that impacted India, with his Salt March of 1930 being one of his most iconic stands.

Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt made history!

In 1902, US President Theodore Roosevelt became the first ever US chief executive to ride in a car! Nowadays, Presidents don’t go anywhere without their cars – now, who’s going to be the first to get in a driverless jet…? We’ll likely find out in the next few decades!

Special Days Falling on August 22nd

August 22nd happens to be a pretty important date for many people all over the world – and it’s also a good opportunity for us to all do a little better in our daily lives. Here are some of the most important things happening around the world this August 22nd!
National Send A Card To A Friend Day

Be An Angel Day

Every August 22nd, people worldwide are encouraged to be someone's angel. And, while no one expects you to grow wings and a halo, it is a great opportunity to spend the day doing things for others. Nothing is better for the soul, and nothing would mean more to the world than if we all took care of each other for a change!

Facts of Brazil

Brazil Folklore Day

Every August 22nd is also Folklore Day in Brazil! There, it is known as Die do Folclore, and the day celebrates the country’s rich heritage and traditions! All over the country, stories are told, people dance, and generally commemorate all of the wonderful traditions the country holds.

Facts of Russia

Russia National Flag Day

Today is also Russia's National Flag Day. Today marks the anniversary of a more modern, independent country. Celebrations take place all over the country with lectures about the country’s struggles and history, concerts, exhibitions, and all kinds of events.

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This month in history

Gertrude Ederle made swimming history! In 1926, American Olympic swimmer Ederle swam across the English Channel in 14 hours and 34 minutes! She was the first woman ever to do so, and was only the 6th person ever recorded.

Famous Birthdays on August 22nd

Claude Debussy, French composer, born 1862

Dorothy Parker, American author, born 1893

Ray Bradbury, American author, born 1920

Kristen Wiig, American actress, born 1973

Dua Lipa, English singer-songwriter, born 1995

Fun Facts about the Leo Star Sign

If you were born on August 22nd…


…that would make you a Leo! Like the lions your star sign represents, you’re likely to be fairly headstrong and unafraid to take a stand. You also love being the center of most people’s attention, though it can take a little time for you to bring people into your circle of trust. What’s most important for Leos is that you take care not to be too generous – as some may find they’re taken advantage of.


There’s more to you than this short little paragraph, of course, so head over to our fact file on Leo and explore more about your personality as the stars dictate.

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