The Battle of Petrovaradin

🗓️ On This Day - August 5th

August 5th is one of the most important days of the year – even if that might not seem like the case right away! Whether or not you’re already celebrating today, we have all of the milestones, famous birthdays, and fascinating historical events for you to look back on. Here are some of the most fascinating things to know about August 5th.

On this day


The Vikings lost.

In 910, the final Viking army (or, at least, the last of a major size) that raided England was ceremoniously defeated by Mercia and Wessex’s allied forces. The Battle of Tettenhall, the conflict in question, was claimed as a victory by the forces of then-King Edward and Earl Aethelred.

William Wallace

William Wallace was captured.

In 1305, William Wallace, the Scottish hero who inspired the Braveheart story, was captured by the English near Glasgow. He was transported to London for trial and his eventual execution for leading the Scottish resistance against England.

The Battle of Petrovaradin

The Battle of Petrovaradin took place.

In 1716, during the Battle of Petrovaradin, the Habsburgs defeated the Turkish (or Ottomans). The Austrian Habsburgs were led by Eugene of Savoy against a presumed total of 160,000 men fighting for the Ottomans!

Lombok Earthquake zone

Lombok suffered a tragedy.

In 2018, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake hit the island of Lombok in Indonesia. The event killed around 460 people and displaced over 350,000 more.


Volkswagen took a leap into the future!

In 2022, Volkswagen launched a prototype of its very first flying car! It is an automated, electric passenger vehicle that has been named the “Flying Tiger.” Maybe we’ll all be flying around in those some day soon… let’s embrace the EV revolution first, of course!

Special Days Falling on August 5th

August 5th has much to honor and celebrate. Don’t believe us? Just check out these international holidays taking place today.
Facts about Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso Independence Day

August 5th is one of the most important dates of the year in Burkina Faso! It is the day that Burkina Faso commemorates its independence from France. Celebrations take place all across the country, including parades and flags waving everywhere!

Virgin Mary

Our Lady of Africa Day

August 5th is highly important for Christians living in Ceuta, a city in Spain. It’s known locally as Dia de Nuestra Señora de África, which roughly translates as “Our Lady of Africa Day.” Specifically, August 5th honors the symbol of the Virgin Mary, largely as she's known as the Patron Saint of Ceuta city. It's a day for solemn religious celebration but also for laying flowers and meeting with family.

Blogger Day

Blogger Day

You’re technically reading a blog, right? Well, today’s the day our fabulous writers (yours truly included) get a day in the limelight. In the US, August 5th is officially Blogger Day – an occasion where it’s worth considering setting up your own blog, finding a few new sites to read from, or simply learning about the history of blogging online. It’s more common these days for businesses to blog as opposed to everyday people – but there’s still lots of us out there!

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