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On This Day - December 19th

By December 19th, we’re usually all ready to leave the office or school, head home, curl up in a warm blanket with some cocoa, and relax. And, we think you absolutely should! And, to help you relax, we have created a short list of everything that makes December 19th so special!

On this day

william pitt

William Pitt took to power

In 1783, William Pitt the Younger became the youngest ever British Prime Minister. He was only 24 at the time – meaning he really did live up to his name! There’s nothing stopping anyone from beating that record – are there any takers out there?

constantine I

Constantine I became king (again)

In 1920, King Constantine I was restored as King of the Hellenes. This occurred following the death of his son Alexander I of Greece and a plebiscite. It wasn’t simply a case that he quit the job and wanted another shot at running things!

BBC plaque

The BBC went worldwide

In 1932, the British Broadcasting Corporation, or BBC, began transmitting overseas. To this day, it remains one of the biggest broadcasting corporations in the world! The word "British" might suggest it's only for UK viewers, but millions of people watch its programming globally.

interesting facts about Earth

We got a radio broadcast from space

Speaking of radio, in 1958, we got the first-ever radio broadcast from space! US President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent a Christmas message "to all mankind, America's wish for peace on Earth and goodwill to men everywhere”.

Facts of Hong Kong

Hong Kong returned to China

Honoring a long-standing agreement, on this day in 1984, Zhao Zhang, then-leader of China, agreed with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to sign the Sino-British Joint Declaration. This would give Hong Kong back to China as of 1997. However, there have been continued controversies over China’s relationship with Hong Kong in the years since.

Special Days Falling on December 19th

We know that your attention will likely be on an upcoming or current holiday. But, if you could direct a bit of your attention to some of the other incredibly important events taking place around the world today, you won’t regret it!
Facts of New Delhi

Goa Liberation Day

India observes this occasion every year on December 19th, and as the name suggests, it marks the release of Goa from under Portugal’s possession. Small but mighty, Goa was under Portuguese rule for around 450 years – meaning that its eventual release thanks to Indian militia intervention is well-celebrated and with good reason. It’s likely you’ll see parades and parties across the state today.

Facts about Anguilla

National Heroes and Heroines Day

National Heroes and Heroines Day is celebrated on December 19th every year in the island nation of Anguilla. The day encourages people to remember and appreciate all the bravery, loss, and pain of people who have helped the nation. The day also honors the 1967 Anguilla revolution. To commemorate the day, there are memorial services held, as well as parades and music performances.

a mossy forest floor

Look for an Evergreen Day

December 19th is also Look for an Evergreen Day! It is a great day to think about finding a Christmas tree, or to simply look for and appreciate any evergreen in all of its beauty! If you find a good tree – treat it with kindness!

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This month in history

In 1868, then-US President Andrew Johnson officially granted complete and general amnesty to all involved in the Civil War. The US Civil War was bloody and devastating – as many of you out there having studied history will likely already know!

Famous Birthdays on December 19th

John Winthrop, American astronomer, born 1714

John Taylor, American philosopher, born 1753

Edith Piaf, French singer, born 1915

Reggie White, American footballer, born 1961

Alyssa Milano, American actor and activist, born 1972

interesting facts about Sagittarius

If you were born on December 19th



…you’re a Sagittarius! You’re a born traveler. You can quickly get bored with your surroundings and you need the great wide open to explore as much as you can!



Speaking of exploring, head over to our Sagittarius facts page to explore more about yourself – as a centaur, you’re likely to want to be pretty adventurous in knowing more about what makes you tick. Your star sign page says more than this small section ever could – take a look!

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