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On This Day - July 17th

July 17th is an important date to remember for the people we lost and the things we gained. It also has some pretty great national holidays and celebrity birthdays! Here’s everything you should know about July 17th, whether or not you’re celebrating on your own terms!

On this day

Carrier airconditioning

A chilly start!

Where would we be without air conditioning? You’d have been able to ask Willis Carrier, American engineer, back in 1902. On this date, he first drafted up his prototype for what would become modern AC – and we certainly thank him for it on sweltering summer days!

facts about the Russian Revolution

The Romanov execution took place.

July 17th, 1918 marks the execution of the Romanov royal family, including Tsar Nicholas II, his wife, Alexandra, and their four children. Alongside them were several staff members – all were killed as a result of rumblings through the Russian Revolution, as Bolsheviks under orders of Vladimir Lenin took hold of the country.

The RMS Carpathia

We said goodbye to the RMS Carpathia.

In 1918, the RMS Carpathia, known for being the ship that famously rescued survivors of the Titanic disaster in 1912, sank. It was sunk by a German U-boat during World War I.

facts about Spain

The Spanish Civil War began.

July 17th 1936 marks the first “official” day of the Spanish Civil War, an uprising that would last through to 1939. The conflict took place between government Republicans in charge of Spain as rebels pursuing nationalism. The Nationalists would eventually seize power from the Republicans, and would usher the controversial Francisco Franco into power.

facts about the law

The ICC took shape.

The ICC, or International Criminal Court, was first established on this date back in 1998. It arose thanks to the Rome Statute, and it’s now known as a pivotal body in bringing genocidal war criminals to justice.

Special Days Falling on July 17th

Although history has shown that July 17th has been a devastating date for many around the world, it also has much to celebrate. Here are some of the best occasions to mark today!
Facts of South Korea

Korean Constitution Day

July 17th is a hugely important day for citizens of South Korea – as it marks the creation of the country’s official constitution! It’s technically a national holiday there, though it hasn’t been a non-working holiday since at least 2008. The establishment of the constitution first arose back in 1948, with the Korean Republic coming into force as of August that year.

National Introvert Day January 2nd

World Day for International Justice

Each year, World Day for International Justice encourages people all over the globe to learn more about how far our legal systems have come in light of huge societal change. The occasion is also known as the Day of International Criminal Justice – but in any shape of form, it commemorates the setup of the Rome Statute and the International Criminal Court.


World Emoji Day

Where would we be without emoji? We would have to decipher meanings from so many messages, be unable to show our true feelings online, and generally live in a much less colorful world. Granted, we’d still be able to communicate – but the emoji really has made its mark on society, to the extent it’s been included in “word of the year” celebrations, and even earned its own movie.

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