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On This Day - June 10th

June 10th is a fantastic day for trying new sweet treats – according to our national days source! What's more, it's something of a somber day for remembering lives lost and marking important steps taken in the name of social equality. Regardless of how you intend to mark June 10th today, here are a few extra reasons why you'll want to pay additional attention.

On this day

Facts about China

Thousands died in China.

On June 10th, 1786, a landslide dam on the Dada River collapsed, killing 100,000 people in the Sichuan province of China. The landslide dam was caused by an earthquake that occurred ten days earlier.

World Consumer Rights Day - March 15th

We got equal pay!

In 1963, the US Equal Pay Act was finally signed into law in the US! President John F. Kennedy signed it – and this anti-discrimination bill helped to ensure that wages would be kept as balanced as possible in the decades to come. We still have a very long way to go for true societal equality – but this was a fantastic start.

World Peace Day - January 1st

Israel and Syria called it quits.

June 10th marks the end of the infamous six-day war, which took place between Israel and Syria during 1967. A ceasefire arose thanks to United Nations mediation.

Twin Peaks

We said goodbye to Twin Peaks.

In 1991, David Lynch’s hit TV show Twin Peaks aired for the final time on ABC-TV. The show still has a cult following with many new fans discovering it thanks to streaming – and, of course, it experienced a revival series in recent years that performed just as well with viewers and critics.

The Sopranos

We said goodbye to the Sopranos, too.

And, for yet another end to a hit show, The Sopranos aired for the final time on HBO in 2007. Widely regarded as one of the absolute finest American TV shows of all time, the final season ended on a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers – no spoilers here if you haven't seen it!

Special Days Falling on June 10th

Whether or not you’re already celebrating a special occasion today, it turns out there are plenty of celebrations taking place nationwide on June 10th. As it happens, our favorites below happen to all be about edible treats!
Chiese egg roll

National Egg Roll Day

Crispy finger food staples, egg rolls are super delicious and filled with meat and cabbage. They’re a little similar to spring rolls, but you’ll taste the difference if you’ve never tried one before! As it happens, this Chinese snack has its own special day today, meaning you’ve a great chance to tuck in and enjoy.

root beer float

National Black Cow Day

No – weirdly enough, this isn’t about bovines, but about root beer floats! These creamy beer concoctions are so-called because they’re named after Cow Mountain, Colorado. The drink’s creator, Frank Wisner, decided he wanted to emulate the snow capped peak – so, he plopped ice cream on top of root beer – and the rest is history. Try it for yourself!

Interesting facts about the Silk Road

National Herbs And Spices Day

Nothing helps a dish more than adding a pinch of herbs and spices – it’s genuinely surprising what a small pinch of oregano or rosemary can do for a dish! Today’s the ideal day to clear out that spice rack that’s going unloved – and to try adding a spicy twist or two to a favorite dish.

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