Treaty of Versailles

🗓️ On This Day - June 28th

June 28th is perhaps more remarkable than you've heard – you may already be celebrating a birthday or an anniversary today, however, there are more reasons to mark June 28th on the calendar elsewhere in the world! Did you know it's a day when millions of people get body piercings and talk about Paul Bunyan, the mighty lumberjack? Keep reading for the full lowdown…

On this day

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.

In an event that historians argue helped kick-start the First World War, then-heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand – and Sophie, his wife – were assassinated. The event triggered huge diplomatic problems between Austria-Hungary and Serbia.

Queen Victoria Coronation

Queen Victoria was crowned.

On this date back in 1838, Queen Victoria received her crown in Westminster Abbey in London. She then went on to become one of the best-loved monarchs of the United Kingdom!

Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was signed.

In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was finally signed! This important treaty cemented the official end of World War I and further established the League of Nations. The treaty was signed in France, in Versailles specifically (as the name suggests).

Irish Civil War 1921

The Irish Civil War began.

In 1922, the Irish Civil War began when the Irish Free State forces attacked the anti-treaty Republicans in Dublin. The war went on for another ten months.

Malcolm X Assassination - February 21st

Malcolm X set up a very important organization.

Malcolm X created the Organisation for Afro-American Unity in 1964 in New York. Malcolm X was a critical player in the growing civil rights movement in America in the 1960s – but he was tragically assassinated in 1965, at just 39 years of age.

Special Days Falling on June 28th

Whether you choose to spend it celebrating the legend of Paul Bunyan, getting a piercing, OR TYPING LIKE THIS, June 28th has plenty of reasons for you to mark the date properly. Here’s our pick of the most fascinating international and national days falling on June 28th every year.
International Body Piercing Day

International Body Piercing Day

Not everyone loves piercings, but there's one point we should all agree on; it's everyone's choice to have them or not! And, let's face it, some piercings look absolutely amazing! So, whether you have a piercing or not, today is the day to honor them! You can do this by looking into the history of body piercings (which may go farther back than you think!) and complimenting those you know with them on how great they look.

International Caps Lock Day

International Caps Lock Day

As strange as it may seem, yes, there is indeed an International Caps Lock Day. In fact, there’s two – there’s another one that falls in October, just in case you need two full days to look as if you’re shouting at people online. So, whether you’re a full capital sentence kind of person or not, YOU MIGHT AS WELL ENJOY THE DAY JUST THE SAME!

Paul Bunyan

National Paul Bunyan Day

Paul Bunyan is one of the most famous characters in US culture. We all hear about him, usually when we’re younger, but how much do you actually know about the mighty lumberjack? Today, look up all that you can and find out more about the stories we still tell each other!

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