On This Day - June 5th

June 5th is more than just another summer’s day for us here in the upper hemisphere. It’s a notable day for trainspotters, environmentalists, and fans of Jim Carrey movies. Let’s take a deeper dive into what makes June 5th so great – and why you’ll want to remember this date for years to come.

On this day

Facts of Denmark

Denmark rid itself of an absolute monarchy.

June 5th, 1849, saw Denmark dismantling its absolute monarchy and instead bringing forward a replacement monarchy with constitutional elements attached! The nation also brought about press freedoms, a parliament, and religious freedoms nationwide. A great day to be Danish, all told!

Interesting facts about the orient express

Here comes the Orient Express!

The world-famous luxury train, the Orient Express, made its maiden voyage out of Paris on June 5th, 1883 – and since then, it’s been ingrained in all kinds of pop culture and stories. From Agatha Christie to Doctor Who – there’s a chance you’ve probably heard of it!

Fun facts about Elvis Presley

Elvis dominated the airwaves.

The King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, debuted his first TV performance of classic hit “Hound Dog” on US TV back on June 5th, 1956. This performance is all the more notable as it showed off his hip-swinging movements for the first time – he gained the nickname “Elvis the Pelvis” as a result!

red ribbon

A devastating virus first emerged.

On June 5th, 1981, it was reported that AIDS emerged as an illness for the first time, an autoimmune condition arising after the detection of a rare strain of pneumonia in Los Angeles. While vaccines are well on their way now, the AIDS epidemic was frightening for millions of people worldwide.

The Truman Show

Reality TV comes early?

On June 5th, 1998, Jim Carrey movie “The Truman Show” released across the US. The movie, which centers around a man whose entire life is fabricated as a TV show, still resonates as a unique piece of visual storytelling – and it may even have predicted the rise of reality TV over the next decade or so.

Special Days Falling on June 5th

Whether you’re keen to learn more about protecting the environment, are heading up into the clouds, or just want to enjoy a quick veggie burger, today’s a great day to do all three. Here are three of our favorite special celebrations unfolding today.
veggie burger

National Veggie Burger Day

Veggie burgers have come a long way! If you’re serious about cutting back on meat consumption, why not tuck into a vegetable-filled alternative? Veggie patties are rich in vitamins and may even help the environment – certainly if it means taking one more hamburger off the menu!

Planet Earth

World Environment Day

Speaking of the environment, June 5th is widely marked as a day to think carefully about our personal impacts on the world around us. What could you do to reduce carbon emissions, water consumption, or even plastics heading to landfill? If you want to make any kind of green pledges for the year ahead, today is absolutely the day to do it.

January 7th - On this day

Hot Air Balloon Day

Come fly away! Hot air balloons are great fun to ride in, and if you’ve never tried one before, mark June 5th with your maiden flight! While the first-ever demonstration of a hot air balloon only lasted around ten minutes, flights these days can see you soaring across the landscape for hours at a time.

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