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On This Day - March 22nd

March 22nd takes us right into spring in the northern hemisphere, and as it turns out, there’s plenty to mark today for. From ice hockey to pivotal moments in modern politics, here are a few good reasons why we should all remember March 22nd from here on out.

On this day

Northland Center mall

Now that’s a mall!

The Northland Center broke all kinds of size records when it was first set up on March 22nd, 1954. The Michigan-based mall was in fact the largest shopping center of its kind - worldwide - when it first opened!

The Beatles crossing Abbey Road

The Fab Four released their first record. 

March 22nd marked the Beatles’ debut on the international album charts in 1963 with their legendary release “Please Please Me.” They wouldn’t be together for long, but the quartet more than made their mark on pop music history!

Intel HQ

Microprocessors made their debut.

Intel, famous for developing a variety of internal parts and processors for PCs, released their first microprocessor on this day back in 1993. It’s thought that every four out of five PC microprocessors are Intels - you may likely be using one!

Tara Lipinski skating

Never too young to skate!

The ice skating world welcomed a new world champion at a staggeringly young age on this day back in 1997! Tara Lipinksi, who was just two months away from her 15th birthday, claimed the World Figure Skating Championships that year. Impressive!

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Mueller handed in his report.

On March 22nd 2019, the US held its collective breaths as Robert Mueller, acting as Special Counsel, delivered his verdict on Russia allegedly interfering with the 2016 Presidential Election, leading to the election of Donald Trump. The report came back with no conclusions regarding Trump's alleged corruption, but in Mueller's own words, it wouldn't exonerate him, either.

Special Days Falling on March 22nd

March 22nd may be your birthday, an anniversary, or otherwise - but if not, here are some additional occasions you may wish to mark today if you’re feeling left out!
facts about water

World Water Day

Proposed at a United Nations Conference in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, World Water Day considers the global situation in regard to accessing clean healthy water. Currently, over 783 million people across the globe are unable to access clean water. To mark the occasion, try and save as much as you can - do you turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth, for example?

A young woman listening to music and dancing in the car

As Young As You Feel Day

This is a great day to focus on acting as old as you feel and to remember that none of us are here forever! Founded by Ruth and Thomas Roy, March 22nd reminds people to make the most of their lives and not let age hold them back!

Fun Facts about Twins

National Goof Off Day

Psst… don’t tell the boss, but today is a great day to goof off! Rather than be irresponsible, however, today is a good day to remember that there’s always going to be an opportunity to take some time off to relax. You don’t have to work so hard all of the time! Take a breather or two and you’ll feel all the better for it.

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This month in history

Yellowstone was named the US’ very first national park! The huge, sprawling parkland is famous nowadays for playing host to an unerupted volcano - which could give way at any time. In any case, the park continues to pull in visitors from all over the world, even long since its opening back in 1872!

🗓️ Famous Birthdays on March 22nd

William Shatner, Canadian actor, born 1931

James Patterson, American author, born 1947

Andrew Lloyd Webber, English composer and lyricist, born 1948

Keegan-Michael Key, American comic actor, born 1971

Reese Witherspoon, American actress, born 1976

Facts about Aries

If you were born on March 22nd…

That would make you a ram, or an Aries, according to the Western Zodiac! In fact, you’re almost close to the cusp, which falls around March 20th and 21st. In any case, you’re a fire sign, rather than a water sign.

Aries are full of energy and love challenges – they are highly competitive and don’t like wasting time! This may lead you to lock horns with some people, but you’re simply passionate about what you love and do.

Take a look at our fact file on Aries to learn more.

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