On This Day - November 13th

November 13th isn’t just another day. In fact, if it falls on a Friday, you might well assume it’s a day to be extra careful around bad luck! However, we have plenty of other reasons why November 13th is worth marking in your diary, including a few fascinating historical events and some famous birthdays. Let’s get started.

On this day

bull running

The last bull run in Britain took place.

In 1839, after over 700 years of cruelty, the last bull run in Britain took place as the Stamford bull run ended. A bridge in Stamford, London, had been used to heave bulls into the river during the run.


James Braid observed animal magnetism.

In 1841, scientist and surgeon James Braid observed an example of animal magnetism for the first time. This led to him studying the subject he would eventually name hypnosis – he’s therefore known as the Father of Hypnosis to many who study and work in the field!

The Big Ben Clock Tower

Big Ben chimed for the first time

In 1856, the Great Bell of Big Ben chimed for the first time. At the time, it was at the foot of the unfinished clock tower, just outside the Palace of Westminster. Did you know, too, that Big Ben is the name of the bell, and the tower is called Elizabeth Tower?

facts about USA

The US Treasury Department was asked to recognize Almighty God.

In 1861, Reverend Mark R. Watkinson wrote to the US Treasury Department, asking them to “recognize Almighty God” on American coins. Eventually, the department decided to use the motto “In God We Trust” on their coins. It seems you can make big changes by writing letters!

Caister Lifeboat Disaster

The Caister Lifeboat Disaster took place.

In 1901, the Caister Lifeboat Disaster unfolded, in which nine lifeboatmen died off the coast of Norfolk, England – today is a good day to remember those lives lost and to recognize the hard work of volunteer lifeboat patrols.

Special Days Falling on November 13th

November 13th is also full of festivities, commemorations, and special events taking place all over the world. Here are some of the biggest ones to consider today.

World Orphans Day

Millions of children around the world are sadly orphaned – whether at a young age, or when approaching adolescence. Children without parents or guardians need special support and care – and while we might not have the orphanages you’d expect to read about from Victorian times, there are still many children out there who deserve to be adopted by loving families.


World Kindness Day

Every November 13th is also World Kindness Day for people around the globe. The day began back in 1998 in an effort to encourage us all to reflect on ourselves and what we are doing for others. Even the smallest acts of kindness make a huge difference in people’s lives. And it’s important to remember that that kind of an act has a ripple effect – your kind act will lead to others in tow!

National Hug Day

National Hug a Musician Day

The effort, talent, and hard work – not to mention the dedication – that it takes to become a musician is incredible. And, as cool and suave as these musical geniuses may seem, they, too, need their fair share of love! So, hug the musicians in your life today and show them how much you appreciate them and their music!

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