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On This Day - November 7th

So, you’ve made it to the end of the first week of November! But, before you look forward to the rest of the month, take a moment to consider all of the things that have made November 7th so special. Here are some fantastic things to learn about November 7th, and if you’re already celebrating today for any reason at all, many happy returns!

On this day

facts about meteorites

A meteorite hit France.

In 1492, the Ensisheim Meteorite hit a wheat field near the village of Ensisheim over in Alsace, France. It was the oldest meteorite with a known date of impact – and it certainly helped to put this otherwise unassuming village on the map!

Women's trousers

Women could no longer wear trousers.

In 1800, it became illegal for women in Paris to wear trousers. That is, they were not allowed without a police permit. Shockingly, the law was only annulled in 2013! Thankfully, we do live in more enlightened times, at least in some ways. Wear all the pockets you like today!

Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste set sail.

In 1872, the Mary Celeste, a cargo ship, set sail from Staten Island to reach Genoa. However, it never reached its destination and was found mysteriously shipwrecked four weeks later. You might well have heard of the ill-fated ship thanks to the incredible mysteries surrounding it!

facts about the Russian Revolution

The October Revolution took place.

In 1917, the October Revolution took place in Russia. The Bolsheviks and Lenin took power by capturing the Winter Palace and overthrowing the Provisional Government. This would lead to the foundation of the USSR, or the Soviet Union, and would bring an end to centuries of Tsarist rule in the country,

Facts about China

The Republic was launched in China.

In 1931, the Chinese People’s Republic was proclaimed by Mao Zedong. It has remained a republic ever since, though its human rights and governing style has been met with controversy.

Special Days Falling on November 7th

Another thing that makes November 7th so special is all the special events that take place every year around the world on this very day. Here are some of the events to consider if you’re not already celebrating!
World Breast Cancer Day

National Cancer Awareness Day

National Cancer Awareness Day is held every November 7th in India. The day brings awareness about cancer prevention and early detection for the general public. In fact, India’s National Cancer Control Programme set up all the way back in 1975 to provide better cancer care to citizens. What is certain no matter the nation is that the earlier any type of cancer is caught, the better the chances there are of a patient surviving.

Facts about the Domesday Book

The Start of National Book Award Week

From November 7th to November 13th, every year, US readers get the chance to really get stuck into a good book or two. This special week focuses on the future authors of the US and encourages as many people as possible to pick up a book, learn more, explore new places, and enjoy reading – whether that’s horror, romance, biographies – you name it!

teddy bear

National Hug a Bear Day

When you have finished reading for the day, pick up your favorite stuffed toy, as it is also National Hug a Bear Day! The day was actually invented to bring awareness to the advantages and importance of hugging! We all need a hug every now and then for comfort, warmth, and love, so if you can’t hug a loved one today or know someone who can’t, get a teddy bear and spread the love.

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