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On This Day - October 3rd

By October 3rd, the northern hemisphere air already smells like fall, your cup should be filled with something cinnamon-y, and scarves should be everywhere! And, while you’re warm and cozy, here are some of the most interesting facts to know about October 3rd – if today’s already a special day for you, many happy returns! Top up the celebrations with these fun facts.

On this day

The Treaty of Nissa was signed.

The Treaty of Nissa was signed.

In 1739, the Treaty of Nissa was signed by the Ottoman Empire and Russia. In doing so, they ended the Russian-Turkish War of 1736 to 1739.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was found in the street.

In 1849, American writer Edgar Allan Poe was found appearing delirious in a gutter in Baltimore, Maryland. It was the last time he was publicly seen before his death just a few days later.

New Zealand All Blacks

The New Zealand Natives debuted.

In 1888, the New Zealand Natives, a privately organized rugby team, played their first-ever game in the UK. It was the first time the national rugby team wore all black and performed the haka. To this day, the New Zealand team is known as the “All-blacks” and famously performs the haka before every game!

Tsar Ferdinand I

Ferdinand I abdicated.

In 1918, Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria abdicated the throne. He did so in favor of his eldest son, who would become Tsar Boris III. Boris III would then reign for a further three-plus decades until 1943. Simeon II, who succeeded him, would be the last tsar of Bulgaria and later its prime minister!

Yugoslavia Flag

Yugoslavia took shape.

In 1929, the-then Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes officially changed its name to Yugoslavia. However, the nation would eventually dissolve in 1991, splitting into Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro (though Serbia and Montenegro were united until 2006).

Special Days Falling on October 3rd

From battle victories to independence days, October 3rd has a lot to bring to people all over the world. Here are some of the biggest celebrations taking place today.
Paraguay Facts

Boqueron Battle Victory Day

Every October 3rd is Boqueron Battle Victory Day in Paraguay. The day honors the Paraguayan soldiers who fought during the Battle of Boqueron against Bolivia. By the end of the battle, Paraguay was a free and sovereign republic. Thankfully, the two have been at peace for a few decades now, but Boqueron Battle Victory Day will long continue to be honored every year!

Facts of Iraq

Iraq Independence Day

October 3rd is also Iraq Independence Day! The day commemorates Iraq gaining its independence from Britain in 1932. As a public holiday, all businesses, schools, and shops are closed, and many parades and celebrations take place all up and down the country. There are also speeches from political leaders, and the Iraqi flag can be seen everywhere!

Flag of Germany

National Unity Day

In Germany, October 3rd is National Unity Day! The day commemorates the unification of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic back in 1990. It is a public holiday, with concerts, feasts, speeches, celebrations, and even fireworks taking place all over the nation!

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