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North Pole

North Pole’s discovery was announced!

In 1909, the New York Times announced that the North Pole had been discovered five months prior to the publication! It was discovered by American explorer Robert Peary. That said, no one would reach the point for the first time until 1926 – the explorer Roald Amundsen is famous for that feat.

Piggly Wiggly supermarket

The first-ever supermarket officially opened.

In 1916, the first-ever supermarket of its kind (as we know them today) was opened by Clarence Saunders in Memphis, Tennessee. It was known as the Piggly Wiggly – and believe it or not, there are still hundreds of Piggly Wiggly stores operating across the US!

Facts about Argentina

The President of Argentina was deposed.

In 1930, the Argentinian President, Hipólito Yrigoyen, was deposed by a military coup. He was the first democratically elected president using the secret and compulsory male suffrage in the country.

Facts of the British Virgin Islands

Hurricane Irma made its way to the Virgin Islands.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma landed on the Caribbean Islands of Barbuda, Saint Maarten, and the British Virgin Islands. Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced that about 95% of the buildings in Barbuda had been damaged by the hurricane. It’s thought the storm would eventually claim the lives of at least 134 people.

Facts of New Delhi

India took a step forward in same-sex rights.

In 2018, India’s Supreme Court legalized same-sex relations – and in so doing, they overturned a colonial law that had been in place since at least 1947, when the country became independent.

Special Days Falling on September 6th

September 6th is an important date for people around the world for various reasons. Let’s take a look at why you might want to mark September 6th in your calendar.
Facts of the Netherlands

Bonaire Flag Day

Every year, Bonaire Flag Day takes place on September 6th in the island municipality of Bonaire in the Netherlands. The flag is made up of two triangles and a diagonal white stripe. Inside the stripe, there is a black compass with a red star with six points. The compass symbolizes Bonaire’s population consisting of people who have come from all over the world. And the six points on the star represent the original six villages on the island!

Swaziland, Eswatini

Swaziland Independence Day

September 6th is also Swaziland Independence Day! Swaziland finally obtained its independence from Britain in 1968, having ruled over the nation since 1903. Local celebrations are held all around the country with traditional singing and dancing to celebrate this important date.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

National Sabrina Day

National Sabrina Day is actually an international celebration! The name Sabrina has multiple roots, including Celtic, Latin, Italian, and English. It is believed that it used to mean someone from Cyprus or from the River Severn region. Whatever the case, it is a beautiful name, and Sabrinas everywhere should be proud of it, especially today!

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