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15 Massive Facts about Mississippi State

With an iconic name like Mississippi, how could it not make it onto our site? You might think you know all there is to know about this stunning corner of America, but that’s where you’re wrong… sit back and enjoy these 15 fun facts about Mississippi State:

  1. It’s named after a river, can you guess which one?
  2. Andrew Jackson has the honor of having the state capital named after him.
  3. This happened when he led his side to victory in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815.
The Mississippi State Flag

The Mississippi State Flag

  1. The Delta is the Northwest section of the state.
  2. It’s sandwiched between the Mississippi and Yazoo rivers.
  3. It’s also the birthplace of blues music!
  1. Root beer was invented in Mississippi in 1898.
  2. The original company is still in existence and is owned by Coke.
  3. Mississippi state is home to the only centre funded by the government to grow and research marijuana.
  4. It has more churches per person than any other state.
Mississippi State Facts

Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, Mississippi

  1. 63% of the land is covered by forests.
  2. This adds up to almost 20,000,000 acres if you want to do the math.
  3. ‘Teddy Bear’ originated as a term when President Theodore Roosevelt decided to release a bear he’d caught, rather than shoot it.
  4. Mississippi did not ratify the abolition of slavery until 2013!
  5. It had originally been passed way back in 1865 with the 13th Amendment.

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