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11 Tantalising Facts about Tegucigalpa

Looking to learn a little more about the capital cities of the world? Check out at these 11 fun facts about Tegucigalpa!

1. Where is Tegucigalpa?

Tegucigalpa is the capital city of Honduras.

2. How on Earth do you say it?

Wondering how to say the name of this fascinating city? It’s pronounced Te-goo-see-gahl-pah.

3. It’s bigger than most British cities.

The total land area of Tegucigalpa is 78 square miles (202 square kilometers)…that’s almost twice the size of Liverpool.

The Honduran National Flag

Flag of Honduras

4. It’s also got plenty of residents.

Tegucigalpa’s population was 1,123,000 in 2015…that’s roughly 2.5 times the population of Liverpool…and gives it a population density of around 14,397 residents per square mile.

5. How far is it from the sea?

Tegucigalpa is located 3,250 ft above sea level.

6. The weather’s amazing.

Hondurans living in Tegucigalpa enjoy a tropical climate with little temperature variation and an average annual temperature of 71°F – perfect!

7. Need the compass co-ordinates?

Looking to fly yourself to Tegucigalpa? You’ll need the co-ordinates of 14.1000° N, 87.2167° W.

8. The natural landscape is amazing.

Make sure you visit La Tigra National Park if you’re in Tegucigalpa; it’s a ‘cloud forest’ (a forest which is usually cloaked in cloud cover) where you can see a wide range of beautiful plants, trees, animals and geographical features!

9. What do people speak here?

The official language of Tegucigalpa is Spanish.

Market in Tegucigalpa

Market in Tegucigalpa

10. Keep track of currency, too.

Honduran Lempira is the official currency here.

11. It’s a huge tourist area.

Honduras welcomed 2 million tourists into the country in 2019, many of whom visited Tegucigalpa for its delicious food, wonderful architecture and glorious climate.

Mormon temple in Tegucigalpa

Mormon temple in Tegucigalpa

FAQs about Tegucigalpa

Is Tegucigalpa safe to visit?

Unfortunately, the city does have its share of violent crime - meaning you should always take care.

What does Tegucigalpa actually mean?

It is said to roughly translate as ‘place of residence for the noble or master’.

Is Tegucigalpa the biggest city in the country?

Yes, Tegucigalpa is the biggest city in Honduras.

Day you know any fun facts about Tegucigalpa? Share them in the comments below!

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  • Alex says:

    Women are also required to wear skirts and dresses in Honduras. Its not inequality or anything like that. Its just their customs.

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