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17 Frosty Facts about Alaska

Alaska is likely to be the coldest US state you’ll come across!  It’s the closest state to Russia, and it’s also one of the biggest states in terms of land mass.  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves!  If you’ve ever been to Alaska before, it’s likely you’ll already know a thing or two about the chilly climes.  However, here’s a few more interesting facts about Alaska for you to take away and digest.

  1. When we said Alaska was close to Russia, we weren’t joking. It’s only around 50 miles away from the Russian mainland!
  2. Alaska is a massive oil producer. Around a quarter of the oil the US produces comes out of this state.
  3. Alaska is home to some record-breaking salmon! The largest salmon on record was caught here, weighing around 97.5lbs!  That’s heavier than a small child!
Interesting facts about Alaska

Alaska’s state flag

  1. Alaska’s waterways are colossal. There are three million different lakes in varying sizes in the state alone.
  2. The state is also home to plenty of earthquakes. In fact, you’re likely to feel around 1,000 of them each year here due to being above 3.5 on the Richter scale.  There are 5,000 that take place here on average, though these tend to be a lot smaller!
  3. The majority of people in Alaska are male, with a 52% / 48% balance with women.
  1. Alaska is home to 17 of the 20 highest peaks you will find in the whole of the US.
  2. The hottest it’s ever been in Alaska is around 38 degrees Celsius.
  3. Alaska has the biggest coastline in the whole of the US. So much so, that it actually has more coast going for it than all of the other states put together.
  4. There are all kinds of odd moose laws in Alaska. It’s illegal for you to give a moose beer to drink, and you can’t whisper to someone while they’re hunting a moose.
  5. Thankfully, there are absolutely no plants in Alaska which can kill you by touching alone.

Fun facts about Alaska

  1. Each state has its own specific sport that’s unique to the region or is at least culturally important. Alaska’s is dog sledding, or dog mushing!
  2. Alaska is the largest state in the US. It accounts for 20% of the whole of the country’s land mass.  It’s also twice the size of the next-largest state, which is Texas.
  3. You’ve heard statistics about how many rats there are to people – but what about bears? For every 21 people in Alaska, there is one bear!
  4. Alaska’s capital, Juneau is unique in how you get there. It has no main road links.  It’s the only capital in the US which you need to fly or sail to.
  5. Alaska is a fantastic producer of seafood, as much of the US’ crab and salmon come from here.
  6. Alaska is home to around half of the world’s known glaciers. It really is a chilly place to visit, on the whole!

Do you know any interesting facts about Alaska that we’ve missed?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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