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17 Amazing Facts about Asia

Asia is easily the biggest continent on the planet, which of course means it’s likely to hold more history than most! That also means you’re likely to get more out of Asia in terms of facts and figures than any other land mass on Earth. This, of course, makes it a prime candidate for a fact file!

Why not take a glance at these interesting facts about Asia that we have lined up for you below? From China to India, Russia to Thailand – there’s plenty about this huge, sprawling continent worth reading up on.

  1. It’s thought that around a third of all the land on the planet falls within Asia. What’s more, around 60% of living people reside out East!
  2. The biggest country in Asia is, of course, Russia, however, part of the country falls within Europe. However, there are countries in Asia with bigger populations, such as China and India, who have populations which extend well over a billion people. In fact, they are the only two countries in the world to host over a billion.
  3. Asia is home to one of the three longest rivers in the world. While it may fall behind the Nile in Egypt and the Amazon in South America, the Yangtze is still a staggering sail from end to end. This Chinese waterway is said to be almost 4,000 miles long!

facts about asia

  1. There are thousands and thousands of different cultures across Asia – it is impossible to state that ‘Asian culture’ applies to just one strand. For example, it’s thought that India alone boasts hundreds of different languages spoken from boundary to boundary.
  2. It’s thought that around 2,300 different languages are spoken across the continent, with more than 600 different languages spoken in a community as small (relatively) as Indonesia!
  3. Sticking with Indonesia, it’s thought to be the volcano capital of Asia, and possibly the world. There are over 150 different volcanoes spread across the islands, many of them still active. It’s little wonder, then, that the area is known as the Ring of Fire.
  1. It’s thought that Asian people stand to have a longer life expectancy than many others across the world. For example, in Japan alone, women are expected to live up to 86 years old on average!
  2. Asia has the unique honour of being home to the Arctic Circle and the Equator – as well as the Tropic of Cancer!
  3. Japan is home to the biggest city on the continent in its capital of Tokyo. In fact, the city is also thought to be a hive for the super-wealthy, as it’s thought that more millionaires live in Tokyo than in LA or San Francisco.
interesting facts about asia

The Great Wall of China

  1. There are still a handful of countries in Asia which belong to the Commonwealth. India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brunei, and Singapore are all still overseen by the reigning British monarch to some extent.
  2. Asia only has a dozen countries which are landlocked – which, of course, means that the remainder have some form of coastline! Physically, Russia takes most of this to itself. Some of the biggest landlocked Asian countries include Mongolia and Bhutan.
  3. Much of Mongolia, in fact, is almost uninhabitable. That’s because a vast portion of the land is desert, in the form of the Gobi. However, temperatures here get colder than you might think, with -40 degrees Celsius possible at its chilliest.
  1. Asia is a word which translates roughly to mean ‘sunrise’ and is also a common name.
  2. It’s thought that Asian citizens tend to be smarter than many others worldwide! That’s because Japan, Singapore and South Korea citizens all score the highest in terms of IQ averages.
  3. Asia is also home to many of the world’s tallest peaks, with around 14 mountains ranked on the tallest list easy to spot across the continent.

Facts about Asia

  1. Much of the continent takes part in United Nations congresses, with at least 49 states being full members. Around six states aren’t recognised fully by the UN.
  2. Asia crosses both hemispheres – it’s that large! In fact, only one country in Asia, Indonesia, sits entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. You can go on a world tour without leaving the continent!

Do you have any interesting or fun facts about Asia that we’ve missed out?  Share them with us in the comments section below!

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