Russia fun facts

Boris Yeltsin
27 May

24 Bright Facts About Boris Yeltsin

Anyone familiar with Russian political and social history will recognize Boris Yeltsin. He served as leader of the country between 1991 and 2000, meaning he was the figurehead for the country not only after the fall of the Soviet Union but also for the vast majority of the 1990s. Yeltsin helped to move Russia in …
Vladimir Putin
7 Feb

11 Bold Facts about Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is easily one of the most infamous people in the world. As the head of Russia, he has long made questionable decisions regarding the country, its policies, and its treatment of other nations. But how much do you know about the Russian President? Here are some bold and interesting facts about Vladimir Putin. …
Vladimir Lenin
24 Jan

10 Revolutionary Facts about Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin was known for being one of the most influential people of the 20th century, and with good reason. As one of the founders of the Soviet Union, to this day, Lenin’s legacy is one of great controversy and debate – and, if you know anything at all about Russian history, it’s that its …
9 Jan

10 Crucial Facts about Communism

Communism is a word that’s thrown around a lot – and there’s likely more to this governmental model than you might expect. Many people are aware of communism through the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. However, it’s a model that’s used in various territories to controversial effect. To help clue you …
leon trotsky
3 Jan

9 Lethal Facts About Leon Trotsky

If you know anything about the history of communism and the Russian Revolution, then you’ve probably heard of Leon Trotsky. Best known for being Vladimir Lenin’s right-hand man during the rise of the Bolsheviks and the overthrow of Tsarism in Russia, Trotsky would eventually come up against the might of Josef Stalin – but there’s …
the russian revolution
28 Nov

10 Roaring Facts about the Russian Revolution

Russia is a nation with a tumultuous history, one that’s still ongoing – and one of the landmark moments in the country’s past is the Russian Revolution, which took place during World War I. During a period of intensive revolution against the Tsarist regime, Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin took over the state and eventually …
Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia
11 Aug

9 Trailblazing Facts about the Trans-Siberian Railway

Whether you’re a trainspotter or not, it’s likely you’ve heard of the extensive Trans-Siberian railway, which boasts a long list of records. The emphasis, of course, is on “long!” Here are some fun facts about the Trans-Siberian Railway that might just interest you. 1. It is – by far – the longest railway line in …
interesting stalin facts
20 Mar

10 Genuine Facts about Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin is one of the most infamous historical figures of all time. He is known infamously as one of the most brutal Russian political figures of the past few centuries – but do you know much about the dictator beyond his role in World War II? If not, here are some interesting facts about …
Cold War Facts
11 Jan

12 Chilly Facts about The Cold War

The effects of the Cold War between east and west still ripple on to this day. This decades-long feud was more than just warfare – it was a chilly stalemate that changed international relations for good. Here are some interesting facts about the Cold War to help clue you in. 1. What was the Cold …
gates to chernobyl, ukraine
6 Jan

10 Shocking Facts about The Chernobyl Disaster

The Chernobyl disaster was a horrific nuclear power event that led to several deaths and local poisoning that lingers to this day. Many people are aware of the accident thanks to the TV mini-series that aired a few years ago – but it’s always a good idea to learn more about the facts behind the …
Interesting facts about the KGB
29 Mar

13 Top Secret Facts about the KGB

The fact is, there aren’t too many facts about Russia’s one-time top security service – as it was as closely-guarded an organization as you can get. It also remains one of the most controversial aspects of Russia’s recent history. The Cold War was a tense time for civilians both across the US, the UK and …
Fun Facts about the Black Sea
26 Feb

12 Spectacular Facts about The Black Sea

One of the largest seas in the world, the Black Sea is a major body of water that connects many of the major European rivers together. It borders multiple European countries and is therefore seen as something of a major border cross-continent. How much do you know about the Black Sea? Is it safe to …
soldiers fighting in world war 2
20 Jan

15 Interesting Facts about World War 2

Known as the Second Great War, World War II – or WW2 for short – is regarded as one of the most devastating conflicts of the past few centuries. It’s infamous for having started on the back of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party’s rise to power in Germany, their persecution and murder of Jewish …
facts about WW1
12 Jan

14 Facts about the 1st World War

It was known as the Great War and the War to End All Wars pre-1939, but the 1st World War soon became overshadowed by the tragic events that followed. With that in mind, what are the amazing facts you need to know more than 100 years on? Take a look at some fantastic facts about …
8 Oct

26 Rare Facts About The USSR

For decades, the USSR was a behemoth force to be reckoned with in terms of global politics and warfare. Starting with the Bolshevik revolution, the rise of the Soviet Union took place across Russia and Europe’s Eastern bloc over what almost amounted to a century. During this time, some of the most shocking political events …