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11 Bonkers Facts About Beer

Most people love a pint of beer or two… amazingly, a whopping 14,841 pints are drank in the UK every minute!! Read on to learn some interesting facts about beer!

1. Belgium is beer mad.

Belgium has more than 400 different brands of beer – there is no country in the world that has more individual brands!

2. So are snails and slugs!

Snails and slugs love beer, so if you’re looking to keep them from munching on your garden crops, put some beer in shallow containers at night.

3. Germany’s beer production is big business.

Germany is the only country that produces more hops in the world than the USA.

fun facts about beer

4. Women led the way!

The first professional brewers were women.

5. A painful fact about beer…

In Norway, the word ‘Hangover’ directly translates to ‘Carpenters in the head’

6. Beer gave birth to a popular phrase.

Brewers used to stick their thumb into the mix in order to check that the temperature was right, before adding yeast – this is where the phrase ‘rule of thumb’ was born.

7. We LOVE beer.

Beer is the third most consumed drink in the world! (only just behind tea and water).

8. Some of us lose sleep over it!

Cenosilicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass – terrifying, right?

9. Beer’s water ratio is enormous.

It takes 75 litres of water to make one pint of beer!

Beer Facts

10. The Czech Republic is the beer capital of Earth.

The people in the Czech Republic drink more beer than anyone else in the world – an average of 143 litres per person, per year.

11. Are you having a tipple?

According to statistics, 0.7% of the word population is drunk right now – an estimated 60 million people. Beer is the biggest contributor!

FAQs about Beer

Can beer expire, or go off?

Yes - beer can expire, but only in so much as its taste may deteriorate. As an organic drink, it can oxidize - especially after an expiry date. It’s drinkable, but not very tasty after this point!

Which country exports the most beer?

Believe it or not - it’s Mexico! Mexico is said to be the biggest exporter of beer worldwide.

Which country imports the most beer?

The US is the biggest importer - but France and China are not too far behind.

Do you know any fun facts about beer? Share them in the comments below!

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