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16 Cracking Facts about Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral is an American city on the west coast of Florida. However, you’ll likely know it best for its connections with space travel and its fantastic coastline! Here are some fun facts about Cape Canaveral worth strapping in for.

1. Where exactly is Cape Canaveral, anyway?

It is in the county of West Brevard and is bisected by the Banana River.

2. It’s a space exploration city!

Cape Canaveral is most famous for being the home of NASA.

3. Testing of missiles and other important projects started life here in the 1950s.

Cape Canaveral began working on special projects in the 1950s with the testing of missiles.

Cape Canaveral, Florida

4. NASA started life here in the late 1950s.

NASA was officially formed in 1958. Space exploration began from there when the first spacecraft from Cape Canaveral departed in 1961 on May 5th.

5. The first craft to leave Cape Canaveral was named after the first planet closest to the Sun.

The name of the first manned space mission leaving Cape Canaveral was called ‘Mercury’. It was manned by Alan B. Shepherd.

6. That’s one small step for man…

The first lunar landing from Cape Canaveral was, of course, in 1969 – on July 16th. The crew were; Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin.

7. There’s lots going on at Cape Canaveral!

Today, Cape Canaveral is involved with several specialized activities. These include a landing facility for the Space Shuttle, a vehicle assembly site, and the John F. Kennedy Space Center.

8. Vehicle assembly here really is towering.

The vehicle assembly tower measures 160 meters tall, or 525 feet.

9. The beach isn’t always open!

During some operational activities from Cape Canaveral, some beaches are closed. This is for safety and security reasons. Public notices are posted with announcements in local media, so don’t worry too much!

Rocket assembly at Cape Canaveral

10. Cape Canaveral is split into quarters.

There are 4 main divisions of operations at Cape Canaveral. They include; Aeronautical, Science focusing on the solar system, Space Technology, and Human Exploration.

11. The location is all to do with kinetic energy.

Cape Canaveral is ideally situated by the Atlantic coast for the re-entry of returning spacecraft. Also, it is in close proximity to the equator – which affects the kinetic energy required by rockets on launching. Being close to the equator reduces the energy required to launch rockets by 0.3%!

12. It’s absolutely boiling out here!

The average temperatures at Cape Canaveral vary between 91.1 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 75.1 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The average annual rainfall of Cape Canaveral is 53 inches, however!

Launch of a rocket with space shuttle

13. Come and see some sea cows!

There is a manatee sanctuary, based on a fabulous ten-acre site, in the heart of Cape Canaveral.

14. Now that’s a handi-snap!

Golf enthusiasts won’t be disappointed at the courses of Cape Canaveral district. For something extra special, how about testing your handicap at ‘Golf and Gator’, where an alligator sanctuary enables you to play up close to snappy beasts whilst enjoying an afternoon on the links!

15. It’s big on beer, too!

The Florida Beer company has an outlet at Cape Canaveral. They have a huge range of 52 different lagers, ciders, and ales. You can even come along and taste them for yourself!

The Kennedy Space Center

16. Come cool down!

Jetty Park is a famous waterpark where you can come and cool down – particularly given that the summers here are so scorching!

FAQs about Cape Canaveral

Is Kennedy Space Center the same thing as Cape Canaveral?

No - in fact, you’ll actually find the Kennedy Space center out on Merritt Island.

Is Cape Canaveral always open to the public?

Much of the time, yes! The museums and exhibits here generally won’t need you to present passes, either.

Can you swim in the water at Cape Canaveral?

Yes! In fact, during the warmer months, it is absolutely recommended.

Do you know any fun facts about Cape Canaveral? Share them in the comments below!

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