Interesting facts about Central African Republic

12 Crazy Facts about the Central African Republic

Founded in 1960, the Central African Republic is aptly named due to its central location! Known for its beautiful parks, waterfalls, and open spaces, this country definitely has a lot to explore if you ever visit. Here are some fun facts about the Central African Republic!

1. What’s the population?

4.83 million people were recorded as living in the Central African Republic in 2020. This means that it is amongst the countries in Africa with some of the lowest population numbers.

2. Head to Bangui for capital sights.

The capital city of the Central African Republic is Bangui. It has a population of 734,350 at the last record – again, fairly low for an African city!

3. Workin’ 9 to 5!

Some of the most common occupations in the Central African Republic include farming, fishing, and herding. There are also sawmills, breweries, textile manufacturing outlets, gold mines, and diamond mines.

Flag of Central African Republic

4. There’s a strong military presence here.

As the Central African Republic is landlocked, it does not have a navy. There are, however, military personnel based in the Army and Air Force. Records indicate that 8,150 military personnel are based in the region at last count.

5. Olympic fever!

The Central African Republic has participated in all the Summer Olympic games from 1984 to 2020 – but they first appeared in the 1968 Games. At Sydney 2000, Obadele Thompson won a Bronze medal for the men’s 100-meter sprint!

6. CAR is committed to space exploration.

In 2021, the Central African Republic joined the Artemis Accords, the US, and other international partners to participate in an ambitious space program. This involves current and ongoing exploration of the Moon, followed by an ambitious aim to explore Mars in the 2030s!

7. What’s the main religion of the Central African Republic?

90% of the population of the Central African Republic is believed to follow Christianity. About 8.9% of the population follow Islam.

8. Music to your ears!

Several genres and styles of music are enjoyed across the CAR. In schools, musical expression is encouraged, and dancing is an essential part of social and community life. The Kundi is a traditional instrument popular in the region – it’s a five-stringed harp.

9. Take care around the wildlife!

In the Central African Republic, wildlife is abundant – from flora and fauna. Among the poisonous species are the Forest Black Cobra, one of the deadliest snakes in the world.

Kundi, African harp
Kundi, African harp

10. What is the tallest waterfall in the Central African Republic?

The tallest waterfall in CAR is the stunning Cameroon waterfall – known as the Chutes de Lancrenon. It topples magnificently from a height of 140 meters!

11. It’s a nation for beer lovers.

Records show that, in 2021, 54% of the alcoholic drinks consumed in the region were beer! The largest brewery in CAR is Sebaka, which produces eight different types of this popular drink.

12. Untapped reserves!

It is thought that the Central African Republic has untapped reserves of oil and uranium. Accessibility and the cost of adequate machinery, as well as trained personnel, prevent clear excavation of these resources – for now!

Chutes de Lancrenon
Chutes de Lancrenon

FAQs about the Central African Republic?

What is the life expectancy for people living in the Central African Republic?

Life expectancy for the area’s general population in 2018 was 53 years of age.

This ranked the Central African Republic at 217 out of 224 countries. It is believed the reason for this figure is primarily attributed to the poor access to healthcare by the general population.

What is the main highway of the Central African Republic?

The area’s main highway is not a road - it’s a river! The Congo River is used for the transportation of people, goods, and animals. Many roads are in disrepair, and the road network is not so direct or as efficient as the river for most purposes in terms of the carriage of volume and weight.

Is the Central African Republic safe to visit?

Unfortunately, much of the Central African Republic remains unstable or unsafe to visit at this time. Travel is inadvisable at this time, even though there’s UN presence in the country.

Do you know any fun facts about the Central African Republic? Share them in the comments below!

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