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🧀 15 Fun Facts about Cheese

Cheese is everyone’s favourite dairy indulgence and it comes with a rich and varied history too. If you’re ready to take a look at this incredible culinary creation all you have to do is read to the bottom of the page and you’ll be a cheese connoisseur in no time.

  1. Cheese was created 4,000 years ago and has been going strong ever since.
  2. You need 10 pints of milk to make a single pound of cheese.
  3. Cheese was first made by storing fresh milk in containers made from animal stomaches. The enzymes from the animals would then combine with the milk to create cheese.

fun facts about Cheese

  1. 25% of all U.S. cheese is made in the state of Wisconsin.
  2. Certain types of cheeses are often banned in some countries due to the type and level of bacteria present in them.
  3. Cheese caves are used throughout Europe by artisan manufacturers looking for the perfect temperature and humidity to age their latest creations.
  1. It’s a myth that mice like cheese. They much prefer peanut butter due to the high moisture content.
  2. Lactose intolerance won’t stop you eating Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, or even a little sprinkling of Parmesan.
  3. We’ve only capitalised the cheeses that are named after places, just how it should be!
  4. A large curd will create a soft cheese whilst a small curd will produce a much harder cheese.

Cheese Facts

  1. Every U.S. master cheesemaker calls Wisconsin home.
  2. Hard cheeses last much longer than their soft counterparts.
  3. A ‘cheesemonger’ is someone who sells cheese for a living.
  4. Vinegar and lemon juice are some of the lesser known ingredients that go into some types of cheese.
  5. Some countries use camel’s milk to make their favourite speciality cheeses.
  6. The latin word for ‘cheese’ is ‘caseus’ which means ‘to ferment and sour’.

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