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10 Buzzing Facts About Coffee

Whether you’re a coffee lover or not, there are many unusual, surprising and interesting facts about coffee you can discover – here’s 10 fun facts about coffee:

1. Coffee is ancient… and popular

The coffee bean originated from Ethiopia around 800 AD and is one of the worlds most traded commodities.

2. Americans really enjoy coffee!

Americans consume a staggering 400 million cups of coffee per day!

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3. Coffee takes second place in the UK

And in 2018, the UK drank 95 million cups of coffee a day..  However, the Brits still manage 165 million cups of tea a day too!

4. The most expensive coffee doesn’t sound that appealing…

Step aside Jamaican Blue Mountain… Kopi Luwak is officially the most expensive coffee in the world – with prices ranging between $35 and $100 a cup! The surprising thing about this coffee is that the beans are first eaten, digested and then pooped by an Indonesian wildcat.

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5.Coffee’s ups and downs

Over the centuries, coffee has had its up and downs. It was banned in Mecca in the early 16th century because it was believed that coffee can stimulate radical thinking. Italian clerics tried to ban it that same century because they thought it was satanic but the attempt failed because coffee was loved by pope Clement VII so he removed the ban.

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In Turkey, coffee is now the national drink even though Ottoman emperor Murad IV punished people that drink it. Europe and Sweden also declared coffee making equipment as illegal between 1746 and 1777.

6. Coffee was a snack!?

When coffee was first discovered, the coffee cherries were ground and added to animal fats to make balls of the mixture which were eaten by Africans in the early years of its discovery. This mixture was seen as the first world snack and a proof that coffee does not only serve for drinking purposes.

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7. Let nothing go to waste

Some coffee producers sell caffeine to pharmaceutical companies to make soda after the coffee has been decaffeinated. With this, little is wasted.

8. Instant coffee’s mass production is fairly recent

Although instant coffee has been in existence for about 250 years, the first mass production of coffee wasn’t until 1910.

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9. Who drinks the most coffee?

The world’s most prolific drinkers of coffee are the Finns. According to the International Coffee Organisation (ICO), they grind their way through 12kg per person per year.

10. For the perfect Italian espresso, count the beans…

Invented in Italy in 1884, a single espresso shot is made with an average of 71 coffee beans.

FAQs about Coffee

How many cups of coffee should I drink daily?

Although it is essential to understand that the amount of coffee and caffeine in one cup greatly depends on the brand and on the person serving it, generally speaking, it is safe to drink around five cups of coffee (max) a day.

Is it safe to drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning?

Although many of us like to start our days by drinking a good cup of coffee, some believe that drinking coffee on an empty stomach can be bad for your health. You run the risk of releasing hydrochloric acid into your digestive system, so remember to have a piece of toast with that coffee!

What else is coffee used for?

Coffee is used for plenty of things but did you know that it is also commonly used in the art world? Whether used as a means of dyeing paper (generally to make them look older), or as a paint itself!

Do you know any fun facts about coffee? Share them in the comments below!

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