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10 Neat Facts about Northamptonshire

If you know anything about the various counties in England, the chances are that you have already heard of Northamptonshire. This particular area is known for its markets, its motor racing, and its shoes – believe it or not! Here are some fun facts about Northamptonshire to help clue you in.

1. It is in the east of England.

Northamptonshire is situated in the East Midlands region of England. Its county town is Northampton – which might not come as much of a surprise!

2. It is famous for its historic sites and royal links.

Northamptonshire is known for its historic sites. Some of the most famous spots include Althorp House, the childhood home of Princess Diana, and Rockingham Castle. Therefore, it’s a hugely popular vacation spot for people who follow the British royals.

3. It is home to the Silverstone Circuit.

If you have any interest in motorsports, the chances are that you will already know that Northamptonshire is home to the world-famous Silverstone Circuit. It is one of the most famous motor racing circuits in the world and hosts the British Grand Prix every year.

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4. Northamptonshire is known as the shoe capital!

You may have heard Northamptonshire be referred to as the “Shoe Capital of the World.” This is due to the fact that the county has a long history of shoemaking! In fact, the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery is home to a unique collection of historic and contemporary shoes.

5. It is also known for its market towns.

As mentioned above, if there’s one thing you’d expect to find in Northamptonshire, it’s a good market town. The county is home to several charming historic marketplaces, such as Daventry, Towcester, and Oundle – there’s lots of great chances to go bargain spotting!

6. Northamptonshire is home to the Eleanor Crosses.

The Eleanor Crosses comprised a series of twelve elaborate stone monuments built by King Edward I as a tribute to his wife, Queen Eleanor of Castile – only three remain, and you can see some of the remaining structures in Geddington, Northamptonshire. You’ll need to travel to Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, to see the rest.

7. It is also home to an ancient parish church.

All Saints’ Church in Brixworth, Northamptonshire is known for its Anglo-Saxon architecture. It also happens to be one of the oldest parish churches in England.

8. Many famous people come from Northamptonshire.

Northamptonshire is the birthplace of famous faces such as actors Matt Smith and Sophie Turner, Diana, the Princess of Wales, and comedians Tim Minchin, James Acaster, and Alan Carr.

9. It is part of an important canal network.

Northamptonshire is right on the Grand Union Canal, one of the major canal networks in England. That means there are plenty of nice waterside walks you can take while exploring the area – or, why not take a canal boat and see the county from the water?

10. It is home to multiple famous manor houses.

Northamptonshire is home to multiple stunning and famous country homes. Some of the most famous ones include Canons Ashby, Althorp House, and Lamport Hall. All three of these houses contain beautiful gardens that are open for the public to see, as well as various events held throughout the year to entertain the people of the county and those visiting.

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FAQs about Northamptonshire

What is Northamptonshire famous for?

Northamptonshire is known for being a naturally beautiful area with beautiful architecture and bustling market towns. However, it is mostly known to people around the world for its famous Silverstone Circuit, which welcomes millions of motorsports fans every year!

What are the largest towns in Northamptonshire?

There are multiple large towns in Northamptonshire. Among the biggest towns in the area are Northampton, Corby, Kettering, and Wellingborough.

Who is the most famous person from Northamptonshire?

Arguably the most famous person to hail from Northamptonshire in recent times was the late Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales. While she was technically born in Sandringham, Norfolk, she grew up in Althorp House, which has been in the Spencer family since the 1500s!

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