interesting facts about Paraguay

18 Positive Facts about Paraguay

Looking to boost your knowledge of the countries of the world and improve your chances in the next geography quiz? Take a look at these fun facts about Paraguay!

1. Paraguay is a fairly unique country.

Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America.

In fact, it is one of only two landlocked countries in South America, the other being Bolivia.

2. It has big neighbors.

It is bordered by Bolivia to the north, Brazil to the east and Argentina to the south and west.

3. Here’s the boat and flight details.

To explore the many rivers and natural wonders of Paraguay, head for the coordinates of 25.2667° S, 57.6667°.

Flag of Paraguay

Flag of Paraguay

4. The natural world here is wonderful.

The terrain here is a mix of marshy plains, dry forest, grassy plains and wooded hills; there’s certainly lots to explore!

5. Paraguay is likely bigger than you think.

The total land area of Paraguay is 157,048 square miles (406,752 square kilometers)…that’s almost double the size of the UK.

6. However, its population is sparse.

Paraguay’s population was 7.133 million in 2020…that’s around 1/10 the population of the UK!

7. What is the capital of Paraguay called?

The capital is Asunción; it covers an area of 45 square miles (117 square kilometers) and had a population of 525,252 in 2016.

8. The weather’s up and down!

The Paraguayan climate ranges from subtropical to temperate, with the east of the country experiencing substantial rainfall, whilst the west is semiarid. Temperatures can reach 100°F and rarely drops below 59°F!

9. That’s one big guinea pig!

Paraguay is home to the Capybara, which, weighing in at up to 66kg, is the world’s largest rodent!

Paraná River, Paraguay

Paraná River, Paraguay

10. It’s a multi-lingual nation.

The official languages of Paraguay are Spanish and Guarani.

11. Be sure to keep the right money.

Fancy sipping a nice hot cup of herbal tea or a thirst quenching glass of sugarcane juice? You’ll need to exchange your money for Paraguayan Guarani, the official currency here.

12. Life expectancy in Paraguay is impressive.

Paraguayans live for an average of 74.25 years (2019).

interesting facts about paraguay

13. Applaud on arrival!

Are you visiting someone in Paraguay? Don’t worry about finding the doorbell, instead it is customary to announce your arrival by clapping!

14. A huge navy… but why?

Did you know, Paraguay reportedly has the largest navy of any landlocked country in the world?

15. 38, no more, no less!

Traditionally, Paraguayan music is played on 38 string Paraguayan harps!

Aregua, Asunción, Paraguay

Aregua, Asunción, Paraguay

16. Web lacing is a national art.

Lace making is a popular traditional craft here, with both men and women taking inspiration from spiders’ webs to create beautiful and very intricate designs.

17. Paraguay’s been independent from Spain for over 300 years.

Once under Spanish rule, Paraguay gained independence in 1811!

18. Here’s a bit of information about Paraguay’s industry.

Paraguay grows sugarcane, cotton, corn and soybeans; they also rear cattle and produce timber.

Its industry consists of sugar, cement, beverages and textiles.

This beautiful country exports soybeans, cotton, meat and edible oils.

A local bus in Paraguay

FAQs about Paraguay

Is Paraguay a safe country to visit?

On the whole, Paraguay is fairly safe for tourists. However, do be careful as you would when visiting any foreign country.

Is Paraguay a poor country?

It’s complicated. It’s said that 2.5% of people in Paraguay own 80% of all land - the distribution of money is very imbalanced.

What do Paraguayans eat at breakfast?

A Paraguayan breakfast traditionally consists of a cooked sugar cocido, pastries, and coffee.

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