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10 Spectacular Facts About Spring

Spring is often many people’s favourite time of year, and it’s not hard to understand why! It spells the end of Winter. What’s more, it’s the time of year when animals start to emerge from hibernation.

Spring is a great time to start getting out and about again, to start mowing the lawn and sorting out the garden. But how much do we actually know about this bright and breezy season on the whole? Let’s take a look at these fun facts about spring…

1. Spring isn’t always sunshine and flowers.

Just because spring has sprung, doesn’t mean you’re going to just see sunny weather and mild wind conditions. In fact, even in the UK, it’s not unheard of for snow to pillow down in May.

2. Expect rain… More than you’d think!

Spring can also be amazingly wet. You’ve likely heard of the phenomenon of ‘April showers’! This is no clearer a phenomenon than in the UK! The wettest spring on record in the UK came to pass in 1947, as around 332mm of rainfall was recorded.

3. Not all flowers love Spring.

It’s likely you’d imagine spring to start seeing pollen emerging in the atmosphere. However, this actually won’t occur in the UK until around June or July in some cases. The fact is, different flora will release pollen at different times of year. Unfortunately, you’re at risk of developing hay fever at any time.

Cherry Blossom

4. Spring is very different worldwide.

As you can imagine, spring in the Northern Hemisphere is going to look very different in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, while we are celebrating the start of spring in the UK, Australia will be welcoming autumn.

5. There’s a lot of calendar planning around spring.

Spring is generally marked with the emergence of Easter – however, Easter changes from year to year, at least in terms of when it is celebrated. It’s generally celebrated the first Sunday following the spring equinox’s maiden full moon. That takes some planning!

6. This calendar planning differs around the globe.

Spring generally starts around late March, with many assuming around the 20th being the launching point. However, the start date for spring will vary all over the world. For example, in Japan, it’s not thought to be spring until their famous cherry blossom first emerges.

7. Spring is tornado season!

Mainly across North America, but as well as elsewhere, it’s likely you will face more tornadoes in spring than in any other season.

8. ‘Bee’ careful in spring!

Spring is, of course, the time of year when animals will emerge from hibernation, and when new litters will be born. It’s also the time of year when honeybees start swarming around, which means they are looking to colonise. There’s no need to worry, however, as swarming bees are likely to be safer to humans than non-swarmers!

A Beautiful Spring day

9. How does spring affect the North Pole?

The spring equinox brings about a bizarre event up at the North Pole. From this date onwards, the area will witness endless daylight for up to six months. The opposite happens in the South Pole, where half a year of darkness will begin!

10. Eggs are best for eating!

Ever heard the idea that you can safely balance an egg on its head during the spring equinox? Neither have we, but don’t try it – it’s a myth!

FAQs about Spring

Why is the season called spring?

It’s pretty simple - flowers ‘spring’ up, as do all the wildlife that’s been hiding through the winter!

What was spring’s original name?

Spring was once called ‘Lent’ - that name carries through in the Christian faith, of course, leading up to Easter.

Are there more than four seasons - spring included?

Yes - there’s spring, summer, fall, winter, monsoon, and prevernal!

Do you know any fun facts about Spring? Share them in the comments below!

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