interesting facts about the atlantic ocean

14 Awesome Facts about The Atlantic Ocean

Consisting of two ocean basins, the North and South Atlantic, the Atlantic Ocean is one of the largest bodies of water on Earth. There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve flown over, or even been in it.

How much do you know about this massive ocean? We’ve got you covered, as here are 14 interesting facts about the Atlantic Ocean.

  1. The Atlantic Ocean covers an estimated 20% of the planet’s surface and 29% of its water surface area!
  2. Following right behind the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean is the second-largest ocean on earth.
  3. The Bermuda Triangle, the mystical area located between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, is found in the Atlantic Ocean. The mystery triangle is held responsible for various mysterious shipwrecks and airplane disappearances.

facts about the atlantic ocean

  1. The Atlantic is home to its fair share of icebergs and is responsible for sinking the Titanic. Icebergs can be commonly found in the Davis Strait, Denmark Strait and the northwestern Atlantic from between February to August. They can even be found as far south as Bermuda!
  2. 3,646 meters (11, 962 feet) is the average depth of the Atlantic Ocean. The Puerto Rico Trench is home to the greatest depth (8,486 meters or 27,841 feet).
  3. In 1928, Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the great ocean.
  1. In the topic of flights, Charles Lindbergh was the first person to fly a non-stop transatlantic flight in an airplane in 1927.
  2. The Great Eastern, the largest ship back in 1866, was the first to lay a successful telegraph cable under the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. “Atlantic” is derived from Greek mythology, which means “Sea of Atlas”. According to Greek mythology, the titan who stood at the edge of the world and carried the heavens on his shoulders due to punishment from Zeus was known as Atlas.

Atlantic Ocean Facts

  1. Great Britain, Ireland and Cuba are some of the largest islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. The Atlantic is the last resting place of the RMS Titanic, which sank after striking an iceberg on 14th April 1912.
  3. The Atlantic is home to a wide variety of sea life. National Geographic published pictures back in 2018 after a deep-sea dive that showcased a wide diversity of fish, corals and mollusks that were found at more than 3,000 feet under the sea.
  4. It’s believed that the Atlantic Ocean separated from the Pacific Ocean about 3 million years ago.
  5. The Atlantic was first mentioned in writing back in 450 B.C., and it is believed that Plato, the Greek philosopher, was the one to write it.

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