facts about the ford mustang

35 Must-have Facts about the Ford Mustang

Ever driven a Ford Mustang before? Even if you haven’t, it’s hard to deny it’s one of the manufacturer’s most iconic vehicles. It’s got a fascinating history, and even to this day, the Mustang remains a popular staple rolling off the assembly lines.

It’s a car which has plenty of celebrity fans, and in recent years, Ford has pushed ahead with plans to create an electric alternative to the vehicle. Therefore, it’s possible we’ll be seeing plenty more of them in future! Here’s are interesting facts about the Ford Mustang – which, whether or not you drive one yourself, might just surprise you!

  1. The Swinging 60s saw Ford respond to the demand for a new, disruptive design of car. In response, the ‘Ford Mustang’ was first released on April 17th, 1964.
  2. The Ford Mustang is nicknamed ‘The Pony Car’ – for obvious reasons!
  3. The logo of the car is a ‘Mustang’ rearing up, facing left. Again, reasons for this should be obvious!
facts about the ford mustang

Ford Mustang I

  1. The car was designed by Gale Halderman in 1962, and the first “Convertible” version of the car was released on the market in August 1964.
  2. In 1973, as a result of the devastating oil crisis in the US, Ford quickly responded with the release of a less ‘thirsty’ car – and a smaller Ford Mustang went into production.
  3. To reduce costs in the production of the early Ford Mustangs, the construction teams used the chassis and Suspensions from two other Ford model, the Falcon and Fairtrade.
  1. The Mustang was Ford’s first model to be designed with ‘floating bumpers’.
  2. The Ford Mustang quickly became available to buy with an automatic three speed gearbox, or with two manual options of either three or five speed gearboxes.
  3. The Ford Mustang weighs 1109 kg or 2445 lbs. on average.

facts about the ford mustang

  1. Demand from overseas saw cars being exported, commencing with the Australian market in 1965.
  2. Further in line with demand from overseas, production began on right hand drive versions in 1965.
  3. More color options were gradually introduced as the car became more popular and the ‘Pony’ logo became not only visible on the cars’ exteriors, but on the seats inside, as well as on the center of the steering wheel.
  4. Ford branched out into more than just Mustang cars. Accessories and fashion items bore the ‘Pony’ logo as the brand became popular.
  5. In 1968, actor Steve McQueen drove a Ford Mustang into film stardom! Sales took off thanks partly to a famous photo of McQueen posing while leaning against the bonnet of a Mustang.
  6. In January 2020, the original car driven by Steve McQueen was sold for $3.7 million.
facts about the ford mustang

1970 Ford Mustang Twister

  1. Ford Mustangs are ‘rear wheel drive’ cars, with their engines installed at the front.
  2. Special editions of the Ford Mustang have evolved from the original designs. Two of the well-known variants are the ‘Sidewinder’ and the ‘Twister’.
  3. The last version of the original Ford Mustang was rolled out of the factory in 1973.
  4. From 1973,the Ford Mustang became commonly known as the Ford Pinto, or Mustang II.
  5. Simon ‘Bunkie’ Knudson joined Ford Motor Company in 1971, having left General Motors. He approved some dimensional changes to the car, including some style changes to the roof.
  6. Knudson also oversaw the introduction of a new range of paint colors and the famous stripes on the exterior bodywork.

facts about the ford mustang

  1. Several options for interior or ‘dressing’ became available for the car, with choices of fabrics and colors for the seats, carpets, headlining and electronics onboard.
  2. Late 2019 saw The Ford Motor Company launch the prototype Mustang Mach-E. This was a new generation Mustang, designed to keep up with the some of the new demands of a changing market in terms of fuel and the delivery of performance.
  3. The design engineers of Ford Mustang were given the brief that the car must appeal to both men and women. The wide range of design options in terms of comfort and style reflect their efforts to satisfy discerning clients of either gender.
  4. Ford Mustangs are as recognizable today from every angle as they were in their early years. This is a fact Ford is proud of!
  5. Ford’s marketing still bases publicity for the range around the same logo, but with new and vigorous attention to competing against an ever increasing ‘electronic’ range of stylish sports cars.
  6. In April 2020 it was reported that the Ford Mustang became the best-selling Sport Car for the fifth year running. Not bad for a car that’s been around for several decades!
facts about the ford mustang 5 scaled

6th generation Mustang Coupe

  1. In fact, sixth generation models of the Ford Mustang are on record as selling 633,000 cars in total.
  2. European sales of the Ford Mustang increased in 2019, most markedly in the German market with an impressive boost of 33%. European sales of the Ford Mustang reached some 9,900 cars in 12 months alone.
  3. However, sales of the Mustang may have decreased in the US. Sales were recorded as being 105,932 in 2016 compared to 72,489 in 2019. This may show there is a shift growing towards cleaner car tech.
  4. There are many famous people who have owned Ford Mustangs. Ex-President Bill Clinton owned a 1967 Mustang Convertible, for example.
  5. Actor Charlie Sheen is a known car enthusiast. He has owned two Ford Mustangs – specifically, a 1965Mustang Coupe and a 1968 Shelby Mustang.
  6. Comedian Jay Leno owned a 1967 Shelby GT 500, as did late Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

facts about the ford mustang

  1. Figures for sales of the new Mustang Mach E are eagerly awaited by the Ford as well as its competitors. It’s thought to be one of the mold-breakers as far as electric cars are concerned.
  2. Car manufacturers are on record as expecting sales figures for 2020 to have been adversely affected by the global pandemic – but it is hoped that 2021 will see a growing number of the distinctive Mustang Mach-E on the roads.

Do you know any interesting facts about the Ford Mustang that we’ve missed?  Please share them with our readers in the comments section below!

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