facts about the ford mustang

10 Must-know Facts about the Ford Mustang

Whether you love cars or not, you have probably heard of the Ford Mustang. This incredible muscle car has been the stuff of legend, scene-stealing moments on screen, and petrolhead dreams for decades! But how much do you honestly know about this iconic car? Here are some fun facts about the Ford Mustang you’ll want to rev up and ride away.

1. What is the Ford Mustang?

The Ford’s famous Mustang is an iconic American muscle car first introduced by Ford Motor Company on April 17, 1964, during the New York World’s Fair. It has consistently remained one of their most popular cars ever since – and it’s likely to be one of the first cars people name when they think of the “Ford” brand, period.

2. It’s not as American-inspired as you might think…

As all-American as this car is made out to be, the Ford Mustang’s design was heavily influenced by the classic long-hood, short-deck styling of European sports cars! It was also aimed at capturing the attention of young buyers looking for a sporty and affordable vehicle. Don’t spoil the fun for anyone who wants to feel patriotic taking this behemoth to the highway, however…!

3. It’s a cultural phenomenon.

The Mustang quickly became a symbol of American culture, and American automotive freedom and power. It played a sizeable role in the development of the “pony car” class, which refers to affordable, compact, and stylish sports cars with long hoods and short rear decks.

facts about the ford mustang

1970 Ford Mustang Twister

4. The Sting!

The Mustang’s most famous model is the first-generation car known as the “1964½ Mustang” or “1965 Mustang.” It offered a range of engines, body styles, and various optional features for the customers to choose from!

5. Check out the Shelby, too!

Although for many of us, the name Shelby makes Peaky Blinders fans think of a particular gang in Birmingham – it was once the name of one of Ford’s most iconic Mustangs! The Shelby GT500 was developed in collaboration with legendary car designer Carroll Shelby, hence the name. It had a high-performance V8 engine, aggressive styling, and track-ready enhancements.

6. The design’s changed quite a bit over the years.

As stunning as Mustangs are, and always have been, Mustang has undergone multiple design changes and updates over the years. In fact, Mustangs have gone through six generations, with the latest generation having been introduced in 2015!

7. A star in its own right!

As mentioned above, Mustangs have long featured in various movies and TV shows. One of the most popular appearances of the Mustang in cinema was in the 1968 movie “Bullitt,” starring the legendary Steve McQueen!

8. An electric Mustang… really?!

Although Mustangs are well-known for their unique growl, in 2021, Ford introduced an all-electric version called the Mustang Mach-E. This electric SUV combines the Mustang’s name and design with modern electric power technology! Wonders never cease to amaze us!

facts about the ford mustang

9. It’s about power.

One of the multiple reasons people love the Mustang line is its powerful performance. It has rolled onto the highway with a wide range of engine options, from inline-six engines to V8 powerplants, with varying horsepower and torque levels! Perfect for any petrolhead looking for a bit more thrust in their travel.

10. The Mustang isn’t just adored in America.

The Mustang is well-known and exported worldwide. It has a dedicated following of enthusiasts and owners who participate in Mustang clubs and events!

facts about the ford mustang

FAQs about the Ford Mustang

How much does a Mustang cost?

The cost of Mustangs vary depending on the model, the options, and the year in which it was made. The 2024 model, for example, projected costs between just over $32,000 and just under $60,000 ahead of launch. Keep in mind that these rates will continue to change as time moves on!

How much is the cheapest Mustang?

The cheapest Mustang model at the time of writing is the base Mustang GT. You can usually get one for around $42,000. However, costs may vary depending on condition, provider, and when you buy your vehicle(s).

Why do people love Mustangs?

People love Mustangs for a myriad of reasons! These include their unique look, sporty feel, great sound, and relatively good pricing, costing less than other cars similar to their make and quality.

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