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9 Dynamic Facts about Delta Airlines

If you’ve flown anywhere in the US, or from the US to anywhere else in the world, there’s a good chance you’ve at least come across Delta Airlines before. The public flight provider is one of the best-known passenger services cross-continent – and before you board your next flight, it might be a good idea to get to know who you’re flying with a little better! Here are some fun facts about Delta Airlines to keep in mind.

1. Delta is one of the oldest airlines on the planet.

It’s true! Even though the Wright brothers only perfected the physical concept of flight in the early 20th century, Delta followed suit by launching its airline service all the way back in 1924. That means it’s been with us for around a century!

2. It’s an employer of tens of thousands.

Delta Airlines is a huge employer on a grand scale – it’s said that around 100,000 different people make up the company behind the scenes. That accounts for customer care and outreach as well as pilots and cabin crew.

3. You can travel most places with Delta.

Delta also remains one of the best airlines for coverage all over the world. It reportedly provides flights across six continents to over 280 destinations – and it’s likely that number will increase in the years to come. The only problem now is – where on earth do you want to go?

delta airlines

4. Delta claims to be the best airline for punctuality.

Getting a flight on time is absolutely everything – and Delat itself is proud to advise it’s been recognized as the most punctually accurate airline in the whole of North America. That’s a pretty big accolade to live up to – what other airlines can truthfully say they’re on target, too?

5. The airline partners with several aircraft brands to provide its services.

While Delta competes with many different airline providers across the US and North America, it also partners with some of the biggest names in passenger aircraft. For example, it works with the likes of WestJet, Korean Air, KLM, and Virgin Atlantic – all names you might have heard of if you’re something of a jet-setter.

6. Delta cares deeply about sustainable travel.

According to the airline’s own publicity, Delta claims to be committed to working with others to develop sustainable flight solutions. For example, it’s interested in making the most of sustainable fuel and working with developers on new, healthier ways to get people to where they want to go.

7. It’s based in Atlanta.

Delta Airlines technically operates out of a headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia – this is where its main hub is, which is also the biggest airline hub in the world. However, you’ll also find Delta hubs in Boston, London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, Salt Lake City, and elsewhere. There’s a bit of Delta in every corner of the globe, it seems!

8. Delta is committed to giving money back to communities.

As part of its charitable focus, Delta Airlines advises it gives around 1% of its profits each year to communities where it works and provides services. It also works with nonprofits and charities alongside this annual giving pledge.

9. The airline has a popular rewards scheme.

For those people who love to fly regularly, Delta Airlines encourages their repeat custom with a popular scheme known as SkyMiles. This scheme provides points that customers can use to get money off flights and even upgrade their experiences the next time they board.

delta airlines

FAQs about Delta Airlines

Is Delta a good airline?

Delta, like any airline, receives a mix of reviews, but experiences are generally positive, with their flights reportedly being comfortable, and with services offering value for money based on what passengers pay.

What country owns Delta Airlines?

Delta is an American airline that’s based out of Atlanta in the state of Georgia. It was incorporated in 1967 after being founded in the early 1920s.

Is Delta good for long flights?

Delta tends to score well among long-distance flyers, mainly thanks to its comfortable arrangements and its commitment to upgrading and revamping services over the years.

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