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11 Virtuous Facts about Virginia

Rich in agriculture but quick to evolve, the state of Virginia is often known as the “birthplace of the nation”. It’s one of the first 13 colonies of the USA, too, making it one of the most historically interesting places to visit (as well as reside in). Want to know more about this long-standing US state? Here are some fun facts about Virginia that might surprise you.

1. Where is Virginia, anyway?

Virginia is situated in the southeast of the US. To the north, it borders Maryland and the District of Columbia. To the east, it meets the Atlantic Ocean, and to the west, it borders West Virginia and Tennessee – as well as North Carolina to the south. It’s surrounded!

2. It’s the birthplace of many different Presidents.

Eight Presidents of the USA hail from the state of Virginia. These include George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, two “fathers of the nation.”

3. What’s the largest city in Virginia?

The largest city in the state of Virginia is Virginia Beach but this is not the capital of the state – that honor belongs to Richmond, oddly enough!

Norfolk, Virginia

4. What do people like to eat in Virginia?

Virginians love to come up with dishes based on the land and sea! You’ll find that oysters and peanuts, in particular, have firm spots in favorite regional dishes and on various menus here.

5. It’s a very musical state!

Virginia is well known for being the home of folk and country music in the US. It’s also ripe for music festivals across the year. Virginia is also the birth state of two very different music icons – the legendary Patsy Cline, and R&B star D’Angelo!

6. There’s lots to learn in Virginia.

Virginia really doesn’t skimp on the museums, making it a great place for history and fact lovers to go explore. Two of the most visited are the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico.

7. Tourism is a big deal out in Virginia!

Virginia’s well known for its beautiful scenery and its incredible hospitality! What’s most interesting, however, is the fact that the state generated $5.2 billion on tourism alone in 2021 – and that’s off the back of COVID-19 lockdowns!

8. Head to the Blue Ridges!

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway – fittingly situated at the Blue Ridge mountains – is popular with photographers and road trippers. It’s known as “Blue Ridge” due to the bluish hue of tree canopies along the range of valleys. It’s a fascinating sight to see!

9. Better watch your step!

For all Virginia is a great place to vacation in, there are several animals out here that may cause you harm (so watch where you tread!). Residents and tourists are advised about black widow spiders, cottonmouth snakes, rattlesnakes, catfish, bull sharks, great white sharks, and black bears. Black bears are perhaps the least of your worries in this list, however – as they are easily scared away!

Black bear

10. Chances are you’re on the internet thanks to Virginia.

While the world wide web was invented in the UK, it’s thanks to data farms across Virginia that billions can get online. They make up around ten million square miles across the state – brilliant for tech businesses!

11. The river runs looooong!

At 348 miles long (or 444 miles long if its tributary the Jackson river is included), the James River flows across the entire state. It’s known as America’s “Founding River” because the first English settlers made homes along its banks.

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FAQs about Virginia

Why does Virginia have two separate states?

West Virginia and Virginia are separate states thanks to division during the American Civil War. These political divisions led to the creation of two new territories - and they’ve simply never joined back up!

Does it ever snow in Virginia?

Yes! It snows mostly in the mountain ranges, with the Appalachian receiving a healthy dose of precipitation. However, the state is normally fairly subtropical elsewhere.

Is it cheap to live in Virginia?

Virginia is said to be a mid-range state in terms of living costs. People living here can expect to pay just over 1% of the average costs across the US. That puts it on par with Florida in terms of average expense.

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