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On This Day - June 16th

June 16th is a bit of a milestone - it means we’re nearly at the end of the school year, the sun’s out, and so are we! It’s also a pretty important occasion for Hitchcock fans, Pepsi drinkers, and lovers of sea creatures everywhere. Let’s leap right into why June 16th is such a notable date worth marking.

On this day

facts about the ford mustang

Ford Motors upped the ante.

On this date back in 1903, the automobile company Ford Motors finally became incorporated under Henry Ford, the main man himself! Needless to say, the next century proved highly lucrative for the brand, and they continue to produce some of the US’ best-loved vehicles.

pepsi cola

Is Pepsi ok?

Speaking of big American corporations, Pepsi-Cola was also formed today as a company - back in 1903! Ford and Pepsi are two big American icons - and the latter is famous for going to-to-toe with Coca-Cola. The cola wars, as they’re known (and as Billy Joel once sung about) never really ended!

george stinney

George Stinney faced execution.

As far as the US had come in terms of innovation, it was still struggling to outpace the ugly side of its justice system in 1944. On this very date, 14-year-old African American minor, George Stinney, was executed on the charge of the murder of two white girls. He was the youngest person to ever be executed in 20th-Century America - and what’s worse, he did not in fact commit the crime.

Alfred Hitchcock

Showers were never the same again…!

Alfred Hitchcock's directorial career is one of the most-admired in Hollywood - and, arguably, one of the highlights of his reel is the psychological horror movie Psycho, which had its premiere on this very date back in 1960 in NYC. The creative picture gave rise to a whole new movie genre - the "slasher" pic.

the blues brothers

They were on a mission from God.

In 1980, the musical comedy classic The Blues Brothers hit the silver screen for the first time. The film, which stars Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi, was an instant hit and had its premiere in Chicago, Illinois. Belushi would die tragically only a short time later, but the film still spawned a sequel some decades to come. The movie’s just as famous for its ridiculous carnage as it is for its star-studded musical line-up (including Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, and Aretha Franklin).

Special Days Falling on June 16th

June 16th isn’t all about history! It’s just as much about marine life, fresh greens, and creamy fudge.
Sea Turtle

World Sea Turtle Day

Sea turtles are stunning creatures that can live for decades, much longer than us! They can be very docile - but keeping clear of them is wise, as they are still wild animals. Sea Turtle Day gives us all a chance to get to know these critters a little better, and to help us understand how to provide better lives for them (such as by reducing plastic waste in our oceans).

Hints Vegetable Growing Facts

Fresh Veggies Day

We should all eat a few portions of fresh veggies daily - though no one's too sure whether it should be at least five or seven! In any case, make June 16th the day you get into better habits - and try to add a vegetable or two to your meals.

National Fudge Day

Of course, we all deserve the occasional treat! While your dentist isn’t looking, enjoy a quick bite of fudge today if you can - and why not sneak a special flavor or two that you might not have tried before?

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