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On This Day - October 13th

October 13th can be quite a spooky day for many of us, especially if it lands on a Friday! But before you get too freaked out, there are some pretty important facts and figures about today’s date that are well worth remembering. Whether or not today is a special day for you personally, here are some of the most special reasons to mark October 13th otherwise.

On this day

Flag of England

The Pilgrimage of Grace began.

In 1536, the Pilgrimage of Grace began in the north of England. This was a major movement staged against King Henry VIII and his disagreement with the Pope, which would lead to the monasteries eventually dissolving.

king frederick III

King Frederik III instated the absolute monarchy.

In 1660, King Fredrik III instituted the absolute monarchy by decree in Denmark. He remained king until his death in 1670. Denmark is one of few countries in Europe to have remained a monarchy after decades.

us navy logo

The US Navy was formed!

In 1775, the first US Navy was officially formed. It was ordered by the Continental Congress as they requested a naval fleet. Go ahead and hum that Village People song, we know you want to…

The White House, Washington

The Cornerstone was laid for the Executive Mansion.

In 1792, the Cornerstone was laid for the Executive Mansion in Washington. You may know it better by its more modern name, the White House – home of the sitting US President in any given term!

Facts of Portugal

The Miracle of the Sun took place.

In 1917, about 70,000 people came together to witness the Miracle of the Sun. Local children in Fátima, in Portugal, had prophesied that the Virgin Mary had made the solar visions for the people to see.

Special Days Falling on October 13th

This October 13th, why not join in the festivities? You’ll be glad that all over the world, there are people commemorating and celebrating this very special day – here are some of the most important events taking place today.
metastatic breast cancer awareness day

Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

Every October 13th, people come together to honor Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. The point of the day is to raise awareness about the disease and help as many women as possible to get checked. The earlier any kind of breast cancer is caught, the better the chances for the sufferer to be treated and rid of it. So, encourage the women in your life today to research metastatic breast cancer with you, and let's save as many people as we can!

Prince Louis Rwagasore

Prince Louis Rwagasore Day

In Burundi, October 13th is Prince Louis Rwagasore Day. The day is dedicated to Prince Louis Rwagasore, the Burundian prince and politician who served as the nation’s second prime minister. However, he only served for two weeks as he was killed on this very date back in 1961. He was generally beloved by the nation, which is why people to this day celebrate his life and achievements every year on October 13th.

yorkshire pudding

National Yorkshire Pudding Day

If you have never tried a Yorkshire pudding, today is the perfect day to tuck in and give them a go! Ironically, the UK doesn’t celebrate one of their most famous delicacies today, as they do it on the first Sunday of February. However, for the rest of us, today is Yorkshire Pudding Day in the US – more for America, then!

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