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On This Day - September 16th

We’re officially in the second half of the month, and September still has a lot of wonderful things to bring us! But before we move too fast through the month, let’s take the time to appreciate all that September 16th has to offer! Here are some of the most important things to know about September 16th, whether or not you’re celebrating today already.

On this day

interesting facts about Cape Town

The British captured Cape Town.

In 1795, the British captured Cape Town in South Africa from the Dutch. In so doing, they ended the Dutch East India Company's work in the region.The organization would dissolve and nationalize just four years later, in 1799.

Facts about Malaysia

The Federation of Malaysia took shape.

In 1963, the Federation of Malaysia was born! The federation was formed by Singapore, Malaya, Sarawak, and British North Borneo (Sabah). Today marks the date that Malaysia faced physical proclaimation – after Sarawak and North Borneo further claimed self-governance.

interesting facts about earthquakes

Iran was struck by an earthquake.

In 1978, Tabas, in Iran, was struck by a 7.7 magnitude earthquake. The natural disaster killed around 25,000 people, and it’s thought around 85 different villages and communities were affected. Thankfully, there was only a single aftershock at magnitude 5.

Facts about Burkina Faso

A military coup occurred in Burkina Faso.

In 2015, a military coup took place in Burkina Faso. President Michel Kafando and other officials were seized by presidential guards. Sadly, the country remains one of the least-developed nations in Africa.

Facts of Barbados

Barbados changed leaders.

In 2020, Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, announced that the country intended to remove Queen Elizabeth II as its then-head of state and instead become a republic. And, as of November 2021, Barbados has been a parliamentary republic instead of a parliamentary constitutional monarchy!

Special Days Falling on September 16th

September 16th has a lot to celebrate for many of us around the world! From international holidays to proud national celebrations, here are some of the most important events taking place today!
Coastal garbage washed up

International Coastal Cleanup Day

Many of us love spending time at the beach. However, there is no denying that our misuse of shorelines and oceans around the world has led to mass pollution with abhorrent effects on ecosystems around the globe. Therefore, International Coastal Cleanup Day is a day dedicated to motivating people to do their best to help clean up the coasts and the oceans! That means taking care of our trash, monitoring our water pollution, and taking care of the wildlife and worlds that live under the sea!

Earth Facts

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

The Ozone Layer is pretty much everyone’s best friend. We may not be able to see it, but it’s helping us stay safe from the Sun’s radiation. Given that the Ozone has come under immense pressure from human-made emissions over the decades, today is a great day to consider what we can all do to cut back and protect our natural defenses.

Facts about Malaysia

Malaysia Day

September 16th is also Malaysia Day, honoring the formation of the Malaysian Federation. Around the country, national ceremonies take place to celebrate the day, its history, and the strength of the Malaysians over the centuries. It’s an exciting day to visit too!

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This month in history

James Dean passed away. In 1955, the Hollywood icon died in a car crash in California at the age of 24. Although he had only had a short career in the industry, having made three major films, he is still considered one of the most influential actors and icons of the 20th century!

Famous Birthdays on September 16th

Henry V, King of England and France, born 1387

Emilia Pardo Bazán, Spanish countess and writer, born 1851

Lauren Bacall, American Hollywood legend, born 1924

B.B. King, American singer-songwriter, born 1925

Amy Poehler, American actor, born 1971

Facts about Virgo

If you were born on September 16th…


…you’re a Virgo! You’re a born leader! You’re strong, independent, and kind, but you can be very critical of others and of yourself! So, take a break once in a while – and reflect on the positive things you bring to everyone’s lives.


You’re a great friend and partner – and if you want to know more about what makes you tick, head over to our Virgo fact file for the lowdown.

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