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10 Happy Facts about Honda

If you’re any kind of fan of motoring, you’ve heard of Honda – let’s face it! The Japanese automotive giant is one of the most recognizable manufacturers on the planet, even to those who don’t drive – and in this fact file, we’ll take you through the company’s lesser-known and most interesting moments throughout their incredible history. Here are some fun facts about Honda!

1. In the beginning…

Honda may make you think of modern cars, but the company actually started back in 1948! It was founded in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, by Soichiro Honda (hence the company’s name) and Takeo Fujisawa.

2. The first car was…

The first car that Honda ever sold was the Honda N600. And back then, the company was known as Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

3. From Toyota to Honda!

Believe it or not, Honda shares a past with fellow Japanese motor moguls over at Toyota! Honda’s founder, Soichiro Honda, had another company before Honda named Tökai Seiko. This company used to produce car parts (such as piston rings, for example), which were sold to Japanese manufacturers, including Toyota!

fun facts about Honda

4. Battery-powered cars are a Honda specialty.

Although we tend to think of battery-powered cars as being more vehicles of “today,” Honda was well ahead of the game back in the 20th Century! Between 1997 and 1999, they produced 340 Honda EV Pluses. These became the company’s first-ever battery electric-powered vehicles. However, they did not do very well – they were likely 25-30 years too early ahead of the market!

5. Big on recycling!

Although the Honda EV Plus wasn’t a big seller by any stretch of the imagination, not all was lost! In fact, the vehicle’s chassis was later used for development on the Honda FCX! This car famously became Honda’s first-ever zero-emissions car. The company’s all about recycling designs and innovations – and why not, honestly?

6. Little Honda!

Have you ever heard of a band called The Hondells? The American surf rock band was created by Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Mike Love back in the 60s in honor of the success of Honda motorbikes in California. The band did so well that their song Little Honda went to number nine on the US charts in 1964!

7. Honda’s a major player in racing.

Honda produces vehicles for all kinds of motor racing, including Formula One, CART, IndyCar, motocross, and more. However, Honda was considered a competitor in motorcycling more than on four wheels! That was, of course, up until 1965, when it took the Formula One scene by storm with Richie Ginther behind the wheel.

Speaking of IndyCar, did you know that Honda became the sole supplier of engines for the series back in 2006? In fact, they were the sole supplier from 2006 to 2011!

9. From the road to the water!

Honda makes far more than just cars and motorcycles! They also manufacture garden equipment, personal watercraft, marine engines, power generators, and more!

Fun Facts about Honda Motorbikes

10. Here’s a rarity some car collectors will want to get their driving gloves on…

Back in 1999, Honda released one of the rarest cars in the world! Its special edition of its NSX models, the Acura NSX Zandari, was made to commemorate the two back-to-back championships of the Italian CART driver Alex Zandari. Only 51 models were ever made!

FAQs about Honda

What is the cheapest model of Honda?

If you have dreamt of owning a Honda but are concerned about the cost, then it’s best to know which models are the most affordable. As it happens, the most affordable model of Honda is currently the Honda HR-V, though it’s worth checking out your local lots and dealerships for pre-owned drives.

What is the best Honda car?

There are multiple Honda models that are considered to be great cars! Some of the best-rated models include the Honda Civic, the Honda Odyssey, the Honda CR-V, and the Honda Insight. The best Honda car for you will depend entirely on your needs and preferences.

What is the newest model of the Honda car?

At the time of writing, the newest Honda is currently the CR-V e:HEV full hybrid. There’s also the e:PHEV plug-in hybrid SUV making its new mark on the road!

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