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16 Fun Facts about Kentucky

The first thing many people will likely think of when they hear the name Kentucky is fried chicken!  However, this southeast US state is known for more than just tasty meat in breadcrumbs and batter.  It’s also known for more than just its horse races – but how much do you yourself know about the state?  Let’s have a look at a few interesting facts about Kentucky…

  1. Every state in the US has a nickname, and Kentucky’s is the Bluegrass State. Its main industries aren’t based in fried chicken and horse racing, but are in fact mining and agriculture.
  2. If you’ve ever used a Post-It note, it’s come from the state of Kentucky. The brand and factory is based in the town of Cynthiana.
  3. What’s more, if you’ve ever driven a Corvette, it was built and tested in the state. The manufacturing facility for the vehicles is based in Bowling Green, and it has been there since 1981.
Facts about Kentucky

State Flag of Kentucky

  1. It’s also reportedly the birthplace, or at least the debut place, for the cheeseburger. The first patty of this kind was served in the Kaolin restaurant, based in Louisville, in 1934.  However, other claims have been made to refute this.  Kaolin’s remains confident in their history!
  2. The state of Kentucky is also home to the national museum for American Boy Scouts, which you will find alongside Murray State University, in the town of Murray.
  3. Famous people who have hailed from Kentucky include President Abraham Lincoln, Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, and legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, also known as Cassius Clay.
  1. Around half of Kentucky is actually forestry. As such, it is one of the biggest national wood exporters to other states in the US.
  2. Have you ever seen a moonbow before? It’s a beam of light created by the Moon, rather than the Sun (as in a rainbow).  The Cumberland Waterfall, in Kentucky, is the only waterfall on the planet to show off moonbows regularly.
  3. The state is also the birthplace of a fitting song, ‘Happy Birthday’, which two Louisville sisters are said to have written in 1893.
  4. Its capital city is Frankfort.  Its Capitol building is known as being one of the most beautiful in the land.

Fun facts about Kentucky

  1. Kentucky borders many different states. You can cross into the region from Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Tennessee and Missouri.
  2. Louisville is actually pronounced differently to how you may expect. While visitors may pronounce the region to be ‘loo-ee-vill’, most local people call it ‘loo-vull’.
  3. Kentucky was the 15th state to be recognised in the US.
  4. The state is also home to what is said to be the biggest collection of ventriloquism dummies on the planet. You’ll find this curious collection out in Fort Mitchell, by making a beeline for the Vent Haven Museum.
  5. Washington, Kentucky was the first city of its kind in the USA to be named after the first President, George Washington.
  6. The modern concept of Mother’s Day was established here, becoming a national day almost 30 years after Mary Wilson first held the celebration in her local area. Since then, the holiday has gone global, tying in with Mothering Sunday.

Do you know any interesting or fun facts about the state of Kentucky that we’ve missed? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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