interesting facts about Nicaragua

15 Nutty Facts about Nicaragua

Want to learn a little more about the countries of the world? Take a look at these fun  facts about Nicaragua!

1. Where is Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. It shares a border with Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

2. It’s fairly large!

This stunning country has an area of 49,998 square miles (129,494 square kilometers). Nicaragua’s population was 6.625 million in 2020.

3. Capital facts!

The capital city is called Managua; it covers an area of 210 square miles (544 square kilometers) and has a population of 2.1 million (2010).

Flag of Nicaragua

Flag of Nicaragua

4. It’s truly stunning territory.

The terrain here is a wonderful mix of extensive coastal plains, with stunning mountains further inland – perfect for the explorers amongst you!

5. For those of you with compasses…

To head for its sandy beaches and beautiful mountains, remember these coordinates: 13.0000° N, 85.0000°.

6. Hot stuff!

Nicaragua enjoys a tropical climate throughout its lowlands, with the temperature dropping slightly in the mountainous inland.

7. Ideal for marine enthusiasts.

Home to a number of unique species of fish not found anywhere else on Earth, Lake Nicaragua is the largest naturally formed lake in Central America. Incredible!

8. The oldest town of all.

Nicaragua is also home to the oldest city in continental Latin America, Granada (not to be confused with the city in Spain!). This wonderful city steeped in history and stunning architecture is understandably a huge tourist attraction.

9. Life keeps on going!

The average life expectancy here is 74.07 sun-kissed years (2017).

Nicaragua beach

10. Get your cash in order!

Should you wish to sip a Flor de Caña (locally produced rum) upon a sandy beach, remember to pack a few Cordobas; the currency of Nicaragua.

11. Pick up a few local phrases.

Spanish is the official language of Nicaragua; ‘una cabaña de playa para dos personas por favor’ – ‘a beach hut for two please’!

12. Batter up!

Even more popular than football, the national sport here is baseball.

Cordoba bill Nicaragua

13. Where the streets have no name…

There are no street names in Nicaragua, instead they use reference points to landmarks for addresses. These landmarks can, and do change, however! We can imagine this could get a little confusing…

14. Nicaragua’s on the map for all kinds of industry.

They grow coffee beans, sugarcane, bananas and cotton and rear cattle here. The country’s industry consists of food processing, textiles, chemicals, machinery and metal products. Nicaragua exports coffee, cotton, tobacco, bananas, shrimp and lobster… something to eat, drink and wear – ideal!

15. Don’t lose my number!

Want to call your friends or family here? The international dialing code for Nicaragua is +505.

Streets of Nicaragua

FAQs about Nicaragua

What is Nicaragua most famous for?

Nicaragua is perhaps best known for its amazing lakes and volcanic peaks.

What’s the main religion in Nicaragua?

Most people living in Nicaragua follow Christianity, specifically Catholicism and evangelical Protestantism.

Is education free over in Nicaragua?

Yes - education is completely free for all citizens of Nicaragua.

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