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14 Spectacular Facts About St Lucia

Looking to boost your knowledge of the West Indies and increase your chances of winning the next geography quiz? Why not start by learning these 14 fun facts about Saint Lucia!

1. Where is Saint Lucia?

St Lucia is a picturesque island in the Eastern Caribbean Sea.

Its nearest neighboring countries are Martinique to the north, Barbados to the southeast and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the south.

2. Here’s the compass directions.

The coordinates for St Lucia are 14.0167° N, 60.9833°.

3. It’s pretty rocky terrain!

The terrain here is volcanic and mountainous with broad fertile valleys and picture-perfect sandy beaches – it truly looks like paradise!

Flag of St Lucia
Flag of St Lucia

4. It’s not huge!

The total land area of Saint Lucia is a cozy 238 square miles (617 square kilometers).

St Lucia’s population was 179,857 in 2022. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly the same as your average English town!

5. What’s the capital of St Lucia?

The capital is Castries which covers an area of 30.5 square miles (79 square kilometers) and had a population of 20,000 in 2013.

6. You’ll have a long, happy life here.

The average life span here is 71.11 sandy and sun kissed years. (2021)

7. Its rule has flip-flopped many different times.

During the 17th and 18th Centuries, St Lucia changed between French and British rule 14 times! It finally became independent in 1979.

8. It’s tropical and stormy here.

St Lucians enjoy a tropical climate with a dry season from January to April and a rainy season from May to August.

9. It’s seriously balmy here!

Whenever you decide to visit, you needn’t worry much about the temperature – on average they see yearly highs of 31˚C and lows of 23˚C… how on earth do they cope?!

Castries, St. Lucia
Castries, St. Lucia

10. People love to dive in St Lucia.

St Lucia is home to some of the best scuba diving spots in the world; you can see all manner of wildlife including whales and turtles!

If you would prefer to be above rather than below water, why not take advantage of their wide range of water sports, including sailing, waterskiing, kayaking, paddle boarding, wake boarding, paddle boating, jet skiing and even water taxi tours!

11. However, there’s lots of fun for landlubbers, too.

Would you rather be on dry land? There’s plenty to do from laying out on the beach with a nice cold drink, to trekking through the jungle or hiking up the Pitons – two volcanic mountains on the islands west coast.

12. What do people speak in St Lucia?

The official languages of St Lucia are English and French Patois.

Turtle swimming towards the camera

13. Time to change up those pennies!

Fancy a few cocktails and supper on the beach? You’ll need to exchange your pounds for East Caribbean Dollars, the official currency in St Lucia.

14. Here’s some facts about St Lucia exports.

St Lucia grows bananas, coconuts, citrus fruits, cacao and vegetables – a haven for vegetarians and vegans!

Its industry consists of tourism, clothing, corrugated cardboard boxes, beverages, and the assembly of electronic components.

St Lucia also exports bananas, clothing, vegetables and cacao.

Sugarloaf pitons on St Lucia

FAQs about St Lucia

How much does it cost to visit St Lucia?

On average, a family of four visiting St Lucia can expect to spend around $6,300 per week!

When should I visit St Lucia?

The best time of year to head to St Lucia tends to be in the spring, before July. That’s because it is often cheaper, and the weather is still wonderful!

Is St Lucia safe for travelers?

On the whole, yes, but as with all vacations, make sure to travel in groups where possible, and keep an eye on your belongings!

Do you know any fun facts about St Lucia?  Share them in the comments below!

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