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10 Noteworthy Facts about Nebraska

Good old Nebraska – the Cornhusker State – home to millions of us, but how well do you really know this sizable slice of American soil? It’s the heart of the midwest for many – and in this guide, we’ll take you through some fascinating and fun facts about Nebraska worth remembering.

1. Where is Nebraska, anyway?

Nebraska is a state that can be found in the midwest of the USA. It is completely surrounded by fellow states in South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Wyoming, and Colorado.

2. Symbols upon symbols!

As with all states in the US, Nebraska has a long list of state symbols that represent this great part of the country! Some of the most important state symbols include the state flower, the Goldenrod; the state bird, the western meadowlark; the state slogan, “Welcome to Nebraskaland where the West begins,”; and the state song, “Beautiful Nebraska.”

3. How big is Nebraska?

Nebraska covers an area of more than 200300 km2 (that’s just over 77,340 square miles). This makes it the 15th biggest state in all of the US – which, as you can appreciate, is a pretty competitive roster!


Facts about Nebraska
State flag of Nebraska

4. It’s home to almost two million people.

As of 2021, there were 1.964 million people living in Nebraska. And, as you can imagine, people who hail from this great state are called Nebraskans! They are also commonly known as Cornhuskers, after the state’s nickname (“The Cornhusker State”).

5. What’s the capital of Nebraska?

The capital city of Nebraska is Lincoln. And, as of 2021, it is home to over 292,000 people!

6. A state full of stars!

Nebraska has also been home to many famous people throughout the years! Some of the most popular stars to come from the cornhusker state include Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Johnny Carson, Hilary Swank, Nicholas Sparks, JoJo Siwa, and more!

7. Keep it Kool!

You may well have chugged a Kool-Aid or two back in the day, but did you know that the popular drink was invented in Hastings, Nebraska? Back in 1927, the drink was initially named Kool-Ade but was renamed Kool-Aid in 1934.

8. A hole lot of fuss for one sweet treat!

Believe it or not, donut holes were actually illegal in a town in Nebraska back in the 19th Century! The town of Lehigh made it illegal for merchants to sell donut holes in the area.

The reasons for this remain a mystery, although many believe that it was because donut holes were seen as wasteful and a way for bakers to make a profit by only selling the middle of the donut. However, thankfully, the law was repealed back in the 1990s!

Kool Aid from Nebraska

9. It’s time to get ripped!

If you’re looking for a good workout, then the University of Nebraska in Lincoln has one of the biggest weight rooms in the US! The room covers 30,000 square feet (or, 2,787 square meters(!

10. Climb the highest mountains!

Although Nebraska isn’t known for its mountains and high points, you can still reach some pretty high natural spots! Panorama Point, for example, is the highest natural point in all of Nebraska. It stands at 1,655 m (5,429 feet) above sea level.

Panorama Point

FAQs about Nebraska

What is Nebraska known for?

Nebraska is known for many things! It is most well known for its music, fields, and farmlands and for being the home of the Reuben sandwich and Kool-Aid. It was also considered part of the Great American Desert but turned itself into a leading agriculture hotspot.

Is Nebraska a good place to live in?

Nebraska can be a great place to live. It is relatively low on crime and has a lot of natural areas to explore.

Are people in Nebraska friendly?

The people of Nebraska are known for being among the friendliest people in the whole of the US! They are incredibly welcoming, genuine, and friendly. So, whether you’re just passing through or planning on moving to the cornhusker state, chances are that you will make friends pretty easily!

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