National Sunglasses Day

🗓️ On This Day - June 27th

June 27th is a day for ice cream cake, onions, celebrity birthdays, and important historical events. And, thankfully, we have all of the detailed information right here for you! Check out why June 27th is so notable below.

On this day

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell came home.

In 1778, today was the date that the Liberty Bell finally returned to Philadelphia following the departure of the British. It still hangs proudly in front of the Independence Hall in Philadelphia if you’d ever like to see it!

Flight refuelling

Refuelling got a whole lot cooler!

Most motorists have had to fill up our cars, bikes, and vans at one point or another, and usually every week! But, have you ever tried doing it in the sky? Turns out, it’s not so easy! But, thanks to Captain Lowell H. Smith and Lieutenant John P. Ritcher performing the first ever aerial refueling in a DH-4B biplane in 1923, it has become quite the common occurrence mid-flight!

The Soviet Union Flag - with the hammer and sickle

The USSR went back to longer weeks

Following a six-year experiment of using a six-day calendar, the USSR finally returned to the Gregorian methodology in 1940. They, therefore, adopted the notion of using Sunday as a rest day. Even today, we’re all talking about shortening the working week!

West Side Story

Tonight, tonight, we all said goodbye!

In 1959, the world-famous musical West Side Story finally closed at the Winter Garden Theater in New York City. The musical, created by Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, and Jerome Robbins, was on stage for 734 performances and even won two Tony Awards!

Roger Moore

We met Moore, Roger Moore

In 1973, the world was finally introduced to the eighth James Bond film, Live & Let Die. It was Roger Moore’s first appearance as 007 – and he’d go on to be whom many would refer to as the “best Bond ever.”

Special Days Falling on June 27th

Today can't all be about history! It's important to honor the important things that today commemorates, too. As it happens, today seems to be a good day for wearing shades, peeling onions, and enjoying ice cream cake. We're not joking!
National Sunglasses Day

National Sunglasses Day

Although many of us either tend to forget them, or only use them as an accessory, sunglasses are among the most important items we own. We actually need them to protect our eyes from harsh sun rays instead of simply needing them to look cool. So, today, make sure you bring your sunglasses with you, and be sure to avoid looking directly into the Sun!

National onion day

National Onion Day

Speaking of eyes, if you need a good cry today, onions always offer a great way to get the tears flowing! Although, it will be quite a stinging cry, so do it at your own peril! But, let’s not forget that aside from making us cry, onions are aromatic, tasty, and really make some dishes worth eating. They also have plenty of layers… as any Shrek fans out there will tell you!

National Ice Cream Cake Day

National Ice Cream Cake Day

Once you’ve finished your vegetables for the day, why not celebrate the summer with a bit of ice cream cake? Ice cream cake is lovely and refreshing midway through a northern hemisphere summer – meaning its national day is certainly well-timed. If you’ve never sampled an ice cream cake before, either head to your local bakery or try and make one yourself – Pinterest and YouTube will help!

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