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On This Day - November 12th

We can practically hear you wonder what makes November 12th so special. After all, it might not be a date on the calendar that leaps out to absolutely everybody! However, there are plenty of great reasons why November 12th is worth remembering, and we have more than a few to share with you right here – so read on!

On this day


Chang’an was occupied.

In 764, Chang’an, in the province of Shaanxi, was occupied for 15 days starting today by Tibetan troops. At the time, it was the capital of the Chinese Tang Dynasty, and it’s still known as one of the oldest cities we’re aware of. It’s thought people lived in Chang’an dating all the way back to neolithic times.

Leon Trotsky

Trotsky was expelled.

In 1927, Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Communist Party. This change led the way for Joseph Stalin to be able to consolidate complete power. It’s safe to say there were plenty of power games in the USSR!

facts about evolution

Arkansas lost to the Supreme Court.

In 1968, in the Epperson v. Arkansas case, the US Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional for Arkansas to have a law banning the teaching of evolution in public schools. There are still some discussions surrounding the debate to this day, but this was a huge leap forward for evolutionary theory.

cyclone Bhola

A cyclone hit Bangladesh.

In 1970, the cyclone Bhola landed in East Pakistan (Bangladesh). The natural disaster killed up to 500,000 people. It was, therefore, the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded.

fun facts about the internet

A worldwide internet was dreamed up!

In 1990, the World Wide Web was proposed for the first time ever by CERN computer scientists. The scientists in question were Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau. It’s hard to believe there was ever a period without the web!

Special Days Falling on November 12th

Here are some great excuses to mark November 12th on your calendar, whether or not you are already celebrating it for personal reasons!
World Pneumonia Day

World Pneumonia Day

Every November 12th, people around the world come together to honor World Pneumonia Day. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of pneumonia, how it occurs, and that we all need to stand together to fight this disease. Pneumonia kills people of all ages every year – and while many survive the illness and live long, healthy lives, others are not so fortunate.

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

Every November 12th is also Chicken Soup for the Soul Day. Despite what the name may make you think, the day is actually about exploring our emotions, searching for inspiration, and finding new and creative ways of tackling our problems. Whatever your personal battle, today is the perfect day to face it and be kind to yourself.

Rats love to be tickled!

American Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

For people in the US, November 12th is also American Fancy Rat and Mouse Day! The day is dedicated to celebrating these intelligent and adorable little creatures. They make for great family pets, and they deserve our respect and care. While rats and mice tend to get a bad reputation, they are actually very clean, smart, and loving creatures, so make sure to take the time to learn a little more about them today!

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