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27 Clever Facts about Cambridge

We all know Cambridge as a university city but did you know its made up of 31 individual colleges? This city is in constant pursuit of education and research in achieving greatness. Affiliates of the University of Cambridge have received more Nobel Prizes than those of any other institution, 109 affiliates since 1904. The best way to ‘breathe in’ Cambridge is through the doors of the Wren library. It holds the original manuscripts of Winnie the Pooh, the first edition of Newton’s Principia Mathematica, Oscar Wilde’s letters, and over 70,000 books that can broaden your mind and take you closer to knowledge.

But there’s so much more to Cambridge than meets the eye. Read these interesting facts about Cambridge to see it in a different light:

  1. The University Arms Hotel is a Cambridge institution. It has been named one of Time Magazine’s top 100 places to visit in the world after its incredible £80 million renovation.
  2. One of the most spectacular views of Cambridge is from the top of Great St Mary’s church.
  3. The annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols on Christmas Eve in King’s College is so popular that people queue for hours – from as early as 7 am. And its broadcast live on BBC Radio Three.
facts about Cambridge

Bridge of Sighs, St John’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

  1. A New Year’s Day tradition in Cambridge is to jump into the icy depths of the River Cam.
  2. The most interactive way possible to explore Cambridge is by joining the Cambridge punt. The punter propels the punt by pushing against the river bed with a pole.
  3. The Cambridge Gin Laboratory specialises in making tailor-made gin based on your taste preferences. There are several packages to choose from, one of which includes a trip to the Cambridge Gin Distillery in Grantchester.
  1. A local delight is the Pint Shop Scotch Egg. These delicious treats are any savory food lover’s dream.
  2. Chelsea buns are another local delicacy in Cambridge especially the ones from Fitzbillies.
  3. In the summer the Grantchester meadows are transformed into the venue of the most popular outdoor cinema in the city.
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Trinity College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

  1. The Jesus Green swimming pool is one of the few remaining examples of open air pools with space for activities other than swimming. The pool is significantly longer than it is wide — this was a design idea to mimic swimming in the nearby river.
  2. “May Balls” are annual dances attended by students at the University of Cambridge. Each college has its theme, and they are some of the most prestigious events of the year.
  3. On the first weekend in July thousands of people come to Parker’s Piece for a free weekend full of live music, fairground rides, quality food, and fun.
  4. Parker’s Piece was also the site of a feast celebrating the coronation of Queen Victoria on the 28th June, 1838.
  5. Every year around 20 000 people descend on Midsummer Common to watch the sensational firework display and see the humongous bonfire.
  6. Cambridge has more museums and galleries within a square mile than any other UK city outside London.
interesting facts about Cambridge

Cambridge, UK

  1. The meeting point for any night out in Cambridge is The Regal.
  2. The Eagle, the drinking-and-thinking pub is the historical site where Watson and Crick announced they had discovered DNA.
  3. The Cavendish Laboratory was founded in the late 19th century, to upgrade the pursuit of sciences in Cambridge. Discoveries such as DNA, the neutron, and the electron have all been made within these walls.
  4. Cambridge is the home of Britain’s largest aviation museum, the Duxford Imperial War Museum. It includes nearly 200 aircraft, military vehicles, artillery and minor naval vessels in seven main exhibition buildings.
  5. According to Dr. Rhys Morgan, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, one of the best places in England to play Pooh Sticks is the Mathematical Bridge in Cambridge.
  6. For any aspiring paleontologists and dino-fanatics, Cambridge offers the Sedgwick Museum.
Cambridge Facts

King’s College, Cambridge, United Kingdom

  1. Cambridge University Library is the main research library of the University of Cambridge. It is the biggest of 114 libraries within the University. The library is a major scholarly resource for both the members of the University of Cambridge and for external researchers.
  2. The Legal Deposit library holds one million maps and is entitled to request a copy of every UK publication since 1710.
  3. The Abbey Stadium is a much-loved institution within the city, especially for Cambridge United fans.
  4. The first-ever game of football played with Association rules was played in Cambridge.
  5. In 2008, Stephen Hawking unveiled the Corpus Clock in Cambridge. Despite its precision, the clock speeds up and slows down on a regular schedule, as a gesture to a physicist whose theory of relativity laid a foundation for some of Hawking’s work: Albert Einstein. The chronopher reminds us that we can never regain lost time.
  6. Cambridge is the center for the technology industry in the UK with around 3,000 tech and science businesses.

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