World Breast Cancer Day

On This Day - August 18th

What’s so special about August 18th? A better question would be what isn’t so special – even if you’re not marking today as a birthday, anniversary, or other type of celebration, there are still plenty of reasons to look back on August 18th to see what unfolded. Let’s dive in and take a look at what 8.18 has to offer us…

On this day

Venus de Milo

The Goddess Venus gained a temple.

In 293 BC, the institution Vinalia Rustica started as a result of what’s thought to be the very first Roman temple raised in honor of the Goddess Venus. At the very least, it’s the oldest temple historians have noted on record – there may have been older buildings!

Florence Cathedral

Who paints the dome?

In 1418, a competition was announced to design the dome of the Florence Cathedral. The main competitors of the time were Lorenzo Ghiberti and Filippo Brunelleschi. However, the eventual design was the brainchild of Arnolfo di Cambio, with Brunelleschi helping to engineer the final efforts.

Louvre, Paris

Welcome to the Louvre!

In 1737, the first public admittance took place in the Salon de Paris art exhibition in the Louvre in Paris. The Louvre remains one of the most important galleries and exhibition spaces in the world and is arguably the most popular attraction in Paris, France, outside of the Eiffel Tower.

facts about USA

The Nineteenth Amendment came into effect.

In a huge moment for women’s rights across the USA, The state of Tennessee today approved the right for women to vote – by just one vote tipping the balance. This led to the Amendment being ratified in 1920, meaning America’s now experienced more than a century of equal voting rights.

Spitfires flying in formation

It was The Hardest Day.

In 1940, the Battle of Britain’s “Hardest Day” unfolded on August 18th – it’s so-called as a result of the immense casualties experienced by both Allies and Axis forces. It’s thought that 136 British and 100 German aircraft fell victim to attacks.

Special Days Falling on August 18th

August 18th is also a day to consider just how far we've come and how much farther we have to go! Around the world, important celebrations and commemorations are taking place today. Here are some of the most important ones to consider.
World Breast Cancer Day

World Breast Cancer Research Day

Breast cancer affects women (and men) all over the world. And while progress is building in researching and treating the condition, we still have a long way to go. Today, we honor people worldwide and their loved ones who are bravely enduring battles against the condition. It's an important day for raising awareness of checking for signs of breast cancer and for booking into regular screenings.

facts about Vietnam

Long Tan Day

Long Tan Day is celebrated every year in Vietnam on August 18th to honor those who fought and died at the Battle of Long Tan in 1966. Long Tan Day is in fact celebrated in both Vietnam and Australia, as both countries experienced losses in the battle.

Flag of Indonesia

Indonesia Constitution Day

On a slightly happier note, August 18th is also Indonesia Constitution Day! The nation's constitution was finally established in 1945, on the same day the declaration of independence of the Republic of Indonesia took effect! So, as you can imagine, it is a pretty important date for the people of Indonesia – and those of the Indonesian diaspora based abroad.

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