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20 Charming Facts About Cuba

Looking to find out more about this sunny and vibrant country? Take a look at these twenty fun facts about Cuba!

1. Where is Cuba?

Cuba is a pretty island nation in the Caribbean Sea.

2. In fact, Cuba’s not technically an island.

Cuba is actually an archipelago as it boasts around 4,000 islands and cays!

3. It has plenty of different neighbors.

It is bordered by USA and The Bahamas to the north, Turks and Caicos Islands to the east, Haiti to the southeast, Jamaica and Cayman Islands to the south and Mexico to the west.

Flag of Cuba

Flag of Cuba

4. Take note of the co-ordinates!

Fancy swimming in the perfectly clear Caribbean water, strolling past the brightly colored buildings or taking a ride in a 1950’s car? Head for the co-ordinates of 21.1333° N, 82.3833° W to embark on your very own Cuban adventure!

5. There are hills out here, but it’s mainly flat.

The terrain here is mostly flat to rolling plains, whilst the southeast boasts rugged hills and mountains.

6. It might not be a massive country, but it’s a big island!

The total land area of Cuba is 42,803 square miles (110,860 square kilometers)…that’s slightly less than half the size of the UK.

That makes it the largest island in the Caribbean and the 15th largest island in the world!

7. Fewer people live here than you might think.

Cuba’s population was 11.21 million in 2022…that’s around 1/6th of the population of the UK!

That, however, also makes it the most populated country in the Caribbean!

8. What’s the capital of Cuba?

The capital is Havana; it covers an area of 281 square miles (728 square kilometers) and had a population of 2.13 million in 2017.

9. There are two main seasons here.

Cubans enjoy a tropical climate with a dry season from November to April and a rainy season from May to October.

interesting facts about cuba

10. It’s snowed in Cuba – once.

Despite the lovely warm weather, Cuba apparently experienced snow back in 1857!

11. Some birds out here are tiny!

The Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world, is native and endemic to Cuba!

12. Cuba plays host to exclusive aquatic life, too.

The Cuban Gar or Manjuari fish is now exclusively found in Cuba’s lakes and rivers.

fun facts about cuba

13. What do people speak in Cuba?

The official language of Cuba is Spanish.

14. There’s two types of spending money in Cuba.

Unusually, Cuba actually has two official currencies; Cuban Peso and Cuban Convertible Peso, although the latter is due to be removed from circulation.

15. People live for a long time out here.

The average life span here is 73.68 years (2021).

fun facts Cuba

16. Bizarrely, there’s a hitchhiking law!

Hitchhiking is commonplace in Cuba and government officials must (by law!) pick up hitchhikers if they have a spare seat!

17. Sex change operations are part of the health service.

Sex change operations became legal here in 2007 and are now offered by the national healthcare system.

18. Christmas wasn’t officially recognized until the late 90s!

Amazingly, Christmas did not become an official holiday until 1997!

interesting facts about Cuba

Cars of Cuba

19. The cars here are classic for a reason.

Due to a US trade embargo, the majority of cars on Cuba’s roads are pre-1959 American cars. Until very recently, no new cars have been sold here, meaning the country appears to have been lost in time!

20. Here’s some information on what’s grown and exported from Cuba.

Cuba grows sugar, tobacco, rice, potatoes, coffee and citrus fruit; they also rear livestock and catch fish.

Its industry consists of sugar, petroleum, construction, cement, chemicals and tobacco.

This wonderful country exports tobacco, sugar, nickel, medical products and fish.

Side streets of Havana, Cuba

FAQs about Cuba

Is Cuba safe to visit?

On the whole, Cuba is considered safe to visit if you are a holidaymaker, but as always, keep an eye or two out for petty crime.

Can a US citizen visit Cuba?

Cuba openly permits US visitors with valid passports - any restrictions you may face will be as a result of American imposition.

Is Cuba rich or poor?

Cuba is considered a middle country in terms of wealth. It’s ranked around 70th out of 189 countries on the GDP index.

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